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Clean Air KitEliminate both causes of interior car odors with the Clean Air Combo!

Odors in your vehicle come from two sources: things you put into the car (i.e. pizza boxes, gym clothes, pets, etc.) or mildew that forms in the vehicle’s heating and air system. This medley of odors can leave your car smelling less than fresh. The Clean Air Kit eliminates both causes of car odor so you can breathe easy inside your vehicle.

The Clean Air Kit consists of two of the best air freshening products on the market: Clean Air Duct Treatment and Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger. Many air fresheners cover up odors with a strong fragrance or they eliminate odors in the air but not those that are trapped in fabrics and carpet. The Clean Air Kit eliminates odors in the air, in seats, in carpet, and in air ducts. These products are not perfume-smelling cover-ups; they are aggressive odor eliminators that leave a fresh, clean scent that is inviting, never overwhelming.

The Clean Air Kit contains:

Clean Air Duct Treatment for air/heat systems
Clean Air™ is a unique three-phase formula that first travels throughout the air conditioning/ heat system, cleaning all components including the evaporator, drain pan, ductwork, and vents. Second; Clean Air™ chemically neutralizes odors that build up in the system. Third; Clean Air™ leaves behind a barrier of protection that remains within the air conditioning/ heat system and prevents the formation of new odors by resisting bacteria, mold, algae, and mildew and discouraging their growth.

This image shows how the Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger's fog fills up the interior of your car to eliminate odors everywhere.Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger
The Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger's unique delivery system sets it apart from ordinary aerosol fresheners or scented cardboard cut-outs. The Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger releases a fog that fills up the entire interior. The process takes only five minutes but the results are long-lasting. This is a permanent solution to auto odors from the same company that makes Clean Air Everywhere and Clean Air Duct Treatment. The Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger releases a dry fog. You won’t have damp seats or carpet. Plus, the Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger will not leave a film on the inside of your windows or mirrors.

The Clean Air Kit is the total solution to car interior odors. First, use Clean Air Duct Treatment to remove odors from your vehicle’s heating and air systems. Then let the Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger release an odor-eliminating fog that fills up the passenger cabin. Let the vehicle air out for 5-10 minutes with the windows open before driving. The scent will diminish gradually, leaving only a clean, fresh smell to compliment your clean, well-kept interior.

Combo includes:
3 oz. Clean Air Duct Treatment
3 oz. Clean Air Auto Interior Fogger

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Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
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