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Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax

Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax

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So slick, itís sick!

Thereís so much more to the Chemical Guys Hydro Slick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax than its super cool bottle. Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax is infused with Si02 technology, a ceramic suspension gel. Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax supplies hydrophobic protection instantly and, in turn, creates extreme ceramic hyper-gloss shine. And to top it all off, the application is ultra-fast and super easy!

Sometimes we just want things done quickly and easily. The waxing process can be a long one, requiring frequent reapplication. Itís also difficult to clean your car once it has been waxed. While waxing is a crucial step in the detailing process for perfection, itís also a step that can be replaced. A ceramic coating lasts longer than a wax and it is easier to clean your vehicle once itís applied. Yet still, the ceramic coating application can be a long, precise, and costly process. In comes Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating HyperWax for the win! Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax delivers the durable protection of a ceramic coating with the shine, reflection and ease of use youíd get from a wax.

Using the advanced Si02 technology, hydrophobic protection is instantly enacted. Si02 is also referred to as Liquid Glass. SiO2 is based on molecules of silicon dioxide and are found in natural occurring minerals, such as sand and stone, meaning it is safe not only for your car, but for the environment. Being infused with Si02 technology allows the carís surface to keep the color safe, while keeping water, oil, solvents, dirt, abrasions, UV light and other environmental damages from harming your car. Since it is hydrophobic, your carís surface will be water repellant and will allow water to gently bead off the cars surface. No more having to squint through dirty windows or be annoyed by stubborn watersports!

HyperWax technically isnít a wax, itís a hyperwax Which is why it can be applied to glass and other surfaces on your car without damaging it. Thanks to the Si02 gel, it re-designs the make-up of ceramic coating and makes it more user-friendly and durable. Chemical Guys HydroSlick is chemically formulated to produce a crystal-like shine with a reflective finish and the protection of a ceramic. Like a wax, it fills in the microscopic surface imperfections, creating a super smooth surface that IT shines like a diamond.

This product is so easy to use, youíll wonder why youíve been using anything else. Unlike most waxes, Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax is safe on nearly all exterior car surfaces! It shines and protects glass, clear coat, glossy painted wheels, chrome and headlights! All you need to do to make your car shine with this product is to add a few dots to a clean car using an applicator pad, then buff off with a clean microfiber towel after 1-2 minutes. The best part? You can apply it as often as youíd like, and it will last up to one year!

Always apply to a cool, clean and dry surface that is out of direct sunlight. Shake well!
-Thoroughly wash surface.
-For flawless results, clay surface well to remove contaminants.
-Machine polish away imperfections, swirl marks, and scratches if necessary.
-Squeeze 4 - 5 dots of HydroSlick onto a Premium Microfiber Applicator Pad.
-Apply a thin, even coat to a cool, clean, and dry surface out of direct sunlight working one panel at a time.
-HydroSlick can be removed in as little as 30 seconds, however we recommend allowing 1 - 2 minutes.
-Buff off with a clean microfiber towel to reveal an intense crystalline shine!
-After HydroSlick treatment is applied, it is ideal to keep it out of the elements, dry and clean for 2 - 3 hours.
-Depending on the climate, the hydrophobic effects will continue to improve even more after 24 hours of being applied.

16 oz.

This product cannot ship internationally.

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New Castle, DE
It's an innovative product...
It's an innovative product..., there are others like it out there, but so far in tests, it seems that it gave a great result, if you work the application following the product's label
ProsEase of application, product in gel form
ConsPrice, if you place an exaggerated product, its removal is complicated
Anaheim, California
works on everything
first off this is not a wax, its SiO2 suspended in a gel. it works great on the windshield but i did notice it doesnt last very long if you use the wiper blades, but you wont need them. the gel bonds to paint, vinyl warps, plastic trims, and optical plastic like head lights. this product does smell of solvents. I tested it under very harsh conditions on my car off roading and using it as a daily driver, it lasts a little over 4 months with little washing. be careful tho as putting the gel onto the applicator the gel may fall off.

Also this is not a coating that will increase the hardness of the paint surface
Prosgreat protection easy to apply works on many surfaces
Consdoesnt last as long as advertised smells like solvent