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Chemical Guys BLACK Wax

Chemical Guys BLACK WaxSpecially formulated wax creates mile-deep reflections on black and other dark colors

Black is the most sought-after color for car care enthusiasts world-wide because when it’s done right, no other color can mimic the pool of wet paint that black so prominently displays. Those who own black vehicles - show cars or daily drivers - are always on the continuous search for a deeper, wetter shine. If you own a black vehicle and demand the deepest reflections possible, look no further than Chemical Guys BLACK Wax – Luminous Glow Infusion for Black Cars & Finishes.

Chemical Guys BLACK Wax is the brainchild of countless hours of research, development and testing to formulate a wax that would bring out the depth and clarity in black paint more so than any other wax before it. The goal was simple: BLACK Wax must create mile deep reflections to satisfy the most discriminating car care enthusiasts that refuse to accept anything less than perfection. Chemical Guys has achieved the daunting task that was once considered impossible – creating the perfect wax for black finishes.

Chemical Guys Black Wax creates mile-deep reflections on black and dark colors
Chemical Guys BLACK Wax applies effortlessly by hand or machine. Apply it thin and buff it off to reveal mile-deep reflections on black and other dark colors.
BLACK Wax is formulated using Chemical Guys’ proprietary Color Enhancing Technology. This manufacturing method utilizes a patented cold emulsion process to give black paint unsurpassed gloss, depth and richness. The unique cold emulsion process allows BLACK Wax to be created with zero heat keeping the protective super polymers in the strongest molecular state. This in turn creates a wax that not only provides the most depth and gloss to black finishes, but it also repels airborne pollutants, keeping your vehicle cleaner, longer.

If you’re a car care enthusiast or professional detailer, you’re familiar with the joke “black paint isn’t a color, it’s a part time job.” That’s no longer the case with Chemical Guys BLACK Wax. The high-tech polymer in BLACK Wax creates a non-stick layer that repels water and contamination, making washing faster and easier while also keeping the vehicle cleaner in between regular washes. Even after driving in the rain, your black paintwork will radiate with color and energy.

Maximize the potential of your vehicle’s black paint with Chemical Guys BLACK Wax.

8 oz.

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