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CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel

A revolutionary new glass cleaning towel!

The CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel was designed to maximize cleaning potential and minimizing streaking while you are cleaning your glass. The thin sponge core of the CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel absorbs more of your window cleaner and thus increases its cleaning abilities! The specially designed exposed microfiber structure of the CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel reduces the streaks due to the lower amount of friction is generates.

One of the most dreadful things to see after you take the time out of your day to clean the road grime off of your glass is a windshield full of streaks. There are two main causes of streaks while you are cleaning your window, the towel’s drag and inadequate cleansing of the grime on your glass.

The towels drag is mainly caused by the long fibers that most towels have. While these long fibers are usually great for a nice soft touch, they tend to drag behind the towel afterwards and leave trails of grime behind them. These trails are known as streaks. The CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel reduces this risk by having an exposed microfiber structure. This exposed microfiber structure has a shorter nap, those creating less drag during cleaning!
The CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel features a short nap that creates less drag while in use, leaving the surface streak-free!

Even if you are using a towel with a shallow nap, streaks can still be caused if there is an abundance of grime left on the glass. This grime is usually dissolved and broken up by your glass cleaner and absorbed by the towel, but if your towel isn’t able to absorb all grime, you will still get streaks. Luckily, the CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel contains a thin, sponge-like core that improves the absorbency of the towel. Because the CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel is easily able to absorb all the grime off your glass, streaks will be a thing of the past!

The CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel also has a lint-free design that makes it extraordinarily easy to clean and maintain. Couple that with its sturdy fiber structure and you have a towel that will clean your glass well into the future!

16” x 16”

CarPro GlassFiber Microfiber Towel

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Oceanside, California
Best Glass Towel Ever!
I bought 2 because I love them so much. No lint and great to use with eraser or with any ipa.
ProsNo lint easy to use and clean no drag
Consif caught on edges can rip sometimes hard to get stains out of
Knoxville, Tennessee
Microfiber Towel
I don't get this one - doesn't work that well on my glass (sticks while wiping). I would not purchase again.
Game Changer
This is the best glass towel I've ever used. Glass is always hard to get perfect but these literally make it effortless. They absorb the cleaner perfectly and clean the glass without leaving streaks or residue right from the first swipe. Be mindful to fold the towel in sections and use one side to wipe off the cleaner and another dry side to buff the glass. If you're serious about perfection don't pass these up.
Chicago, Illinois
Amazing !!!
I ordered two of these to try out and I was totally amazed. I'm always looking for a better way to clean glass. Using the two towel method glass, waffle weave glass towel first and following up with the CarPro's glass Microfiber towel is a winning combination. My glass is crystal clear with absolutely no streaks. I ordered four more.
ProsEasy to use You use less glass cleaner
ConsExpensive Needs to be a smaller size