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Car Brite Sudsing Car Soap 128 oz.

Car Brite Sudsing Car Soap 128 oz.Incredible water sheeting action!

Sudsing Car Soap from Car Brite is sure to make your weekly car washing that much safer and more enjoyable! Sudsing Car Soap was formulated using high-quality surfactants that will ensure that the dirt, grime, and contaminants you are cleaning off your car are sufficiently lifted off the surface to prevent them from scratching the surface or re-depositing as you agitate the soap with your chosen wash mitt, brush, or sponge. The cleaner agents contained in Sudsing Car Soap will effectively remove tough dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your car without worry of damage to the surface in the process. Sudsing Car Soap boasts a PH neutral formula that is safe to use on all types of paint and car surfaces. Sudsing Car Soap is formulated to be highly concentrated, saving you money by increase the amount of uses you get from one gallon of product. Sudsing Car Soap will also leave behind a convenient water sheeting agent after you finish washing your car.

Product Features:
• PH neutral
• Pleasant cherry scent
• Highly concentrated
• Strong water-sheeting action

Washing your car every week can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, but it is necessary to ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained and looking its best. The shampoo you use when washing your car can be a big factor in whether you view your weekly wash as a hobby or a chore. Car Brite’s Sudsing Car Soap and the pleasant smell and multitude of benefits to your paint it brings with it, is sure to make your car washing routine as enjoyable as possible.

Mix 2 ounces of Sudsing Car Soap with 5 gallons of water (1:320). Wet your car with cool water then apply the soap solution to your car. Do not allow the soap solution to dry on the surface. Use your choice of brush, mitt, or sponge to agitate the solution. Rinse the solution off your vehicle starting from the top and working your way down. Dry your vehicle using your preferred method.

128 oz.