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Car Brite Snappy Shine 128 oz.

Car Brite Snappy Shine 128 oz.Restores the shine to your car’s paint!

Car Brite Snappy Shine will allow you to quickly and effectively remove minor imperfections such as fingerprints, smudges, and dust. Car Brite Snappy Shine has a simple spray on, wipe off application that makes it extremely user friendly and easy to use. Car Brite Snappy Shine will leave your paint with a deep gloss that will renew that freshly waxed look. The formula for Car Brite Snappy Shine is entirely VOC compliant to maximize safety for both the user and the environment. Car Brite Snappy Shine can be used on more than just your paint as well, it can also be used on your chrome, vinyl, and glass. The viscosity and lubricity of Car Brite Snappy Shine also makes it a great choice for use as a clay bar lubricant.

Product Features:
• Restores shine
• Removes minor surface contaminants
• Simple spray on, wipe off application

Having a vehicle that carries an envy-inducing gloss to it is a great accomplishment for any professional detailer or car care enthusiast. However, there is something about a perfectly detailed car that seem to attract people with grabby hands to touch your paint and inflict horrendous smudges and fingerprints in the paint. The best way to get rid of these unwanted intruders on your otherwise perfect paint is with an effective quick detailer. Car Brite Snappy Shine is an excellent choice to be used in this application. It will make quick work of those fingerprints and smudges and restore the perfectly waxed look to your car’s paint.

1. For best results, ensure surface to be buffed is cool to the touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight.
2. Spray product directly on surface.
3. Wipe product with clean, soft cloth.
4. Turn cloth over & buff surface to desired gloss level.

128 oz.