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Car Brite See Spot Go

Car Brite See Spot GoEasily take care of troublesome spots on your fabric!

Car Brite See Spot Go is a powerful carpet and upholstery cleaner that will easily and effectively remove spots and stains before they have the time to grow roots and sink in. Car Brite See Spot Go starts dissolving both oil and water-based stains at the molecular level to effectively remove them without any agitation, scrubbing, or saturation necessary. Car Brite See Spot Go will effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, such as grease, tar, coffee, cola, urine, polish, ink, lipstick, and blood. The aerosol application of Car Brite See Spot Go will ensure that you are able to achieve ample application quickly and evenly. Car Brite See Spot Go can even be used as a pre-spot treatment before carpet extraction to ensure that the maximum stain removal potential is achieved. Car Brite See Spot Go is formulated without any methylene chloride, making it perfectly safe for the user as well as your carpet.

Product Features:
• Tropical fragrance
• Aerosol application
• Formulated without methylene chloride

If your car has fabric surfaces, it is inevitable that something will be spilled on it, it is unavoidable. When these spills do happen, it is crucial that you have a product in your detailing arsenal that is capable of removing that stain before it has time to dry and bake itself into your fabric. Car Brite See Spot Go will go to work quickly and loosen any stain or spot, allowing it to be easily removed before it’s too late.

1. If fresh spill, blot any excess liquid from surface with absorbent cloth.
2. Test area for color fastness before spraying entire surface.
3. Spray the stain thoroughly, without saturating fabric.
4. Blot the stain firmly with absorbent cloth, repeating until stain is gone.
5. On stubborn stains, agitation with a soft bristled brush may be necessary.
6. One stain is removed, swab area with a clean, wet cloth, then blot dry.

18 oz.