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Car Brite Inside-out Detailer

Easy to use aerosol formula!

Car Brite Inside-out Detailer will provide you the ability to quickly and effectively protect and shine your plastic, vinyl, and metallic surfaces. The aerosol formula of Car Brite Inside-out Detailer makes the application process extremely easy and ensuring an even application of product. Car Brite Inside-out Detailer allows you to easily detail consoles, vents, and other hard to reach surfaces due to its aerosol application. There is no dilution or measuring necessary to use Car Brite Inside-out Detailer, this product comes ready to use to make it as accessible as possible. Car Brite Inside-out Detailer will provide a deep shine to the surface to which it is applied. Car Brite Inside-out Detailer dries instantly in a non-greasy finish to ensure your plastic, vinyl, and metal surface look and feel their best.

Product features:
• Easy application with aerosol formula
• Provides a deep gloss and shine
• Ready-to-use

An overly simplistic definition of car detailing is essentially “a passion for making surfaces as shiny as possible.” As car detailing has evolved, this definition can be expanded slightly to “a passion for making surfaces as shiny as possible with as little effort as possible.” The easy aerosol formula and the incredible deep shine afford by Car Brite Inside-out Detailer will allow you to achieve this modern definition of car detailing.


Exterior & Interior:
1. Shake container well before and during use.
2. Spray thin mist directly on surface being treated, holding can 10 to 12 inches from surface.
3. Allow to dry, or wipe dry with clean towel.

12 oz.

Car Brite Inside-out Detailer

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Car Brite Inside-out Detailer