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Car Brite Final Finish 128 oz.

Car Brite Final Finish 128 oz.One-step process saves a lot of time!

Car Brite Final Finish is and effective polish and wax product that will use mild abrasives to eliminate light swirls, oxidation, and scratches to bring your painted surfaces to an impeccable shine. Car Brite Final Finish contains both natural carnauba and synthetic wax elements that will provide an impressive gloss and shine to your painted surface. These wax elements in Car Brite Final Finish will provide a durable layer of protection that will make sure your paint is properly braced against the environmental hazards to which your paint is typically exposed. Car Brite Final Finish reduces both the time and money investment required to keep your paint esthetically pleasing and protected by allowing you to perform multiple different detailing processes in one single step by combining both polishing and waxing capabilities into one product.

Product features:
• Easy to use, one-step application
• Can be applied by hand or by machine
• Provides a deep gloss

Everybody who is interested in car detailing in any facet would prefer that they are able to achieve flawless results in a shorter amount of time. Typically achieving the flawless results that you see in car shows and conventions requires a full three step process. Car Brite Final Finish allows you to reduce those three, separate steps to just one, easy step by both polishing and waxing your paint.


High Speed Buffer:

1. Start with the roof, and proceed to the hood, trunk and sides.
2. Apply a small amount of product directly to the painted surface.
3. While the product is wet, buff a 2' x 2' area with a polishing pad. Keep the pad flat on the painted surface and buff until product dries, applying light, even pressure.
4. Clean pad regularly.

Orbital Buffer, or by Hand:

1. Apply product evenly over painted surface with a moist polishing bonnet or applicator pad, and allow to dry to haze.
2. Remove residue with a clean, dry bonnet or soft polishing cloth.

128 oz.