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Britemax Pure Max Shampoo 16 oz.

Britemax Pure Max Shampoo 16 oz. Insanely concentrated for the most bang for your washing buck!

Britemax Pure Max Shampoo is a high-foaming, wax and sealant safe car shampoo that provides a completely cleaned finish. Containing no SLS’s (sodium lauryl sulfate) or parabens, Britemax Pure Max Shampoo is 100% non-hazardous and is fully biodegradable. Britemax Pure Max Shampoo is super slick with an enhanced cleaning power that will remove dirt, mud, grime, dust, and other outside contaminants from your paint without damaging your wax, coating, or sealant!

When we say insanely concentrated, we mean it – Britemax Pure Max Shampoo is concentrated up to 1:2000 and will easily provide seemingly endless washes from just one bottle. Britemax Pure Max Shampoo is also high-foaming and will work extremely well when used with a Foam Cannon. The thick suds that are produced when used with a Foam Cannon will safely remove surface contaminants from your paint.
Just 1 oz. of Britemax Pure Max Shampoo was used in this full 5 gallon wash bucket, and just look at the amount of suds that was created! More than enough to fully lubricate this wash brush, and remove the dirt and grime from this car.
Britemax Pure Max Shampoo has been specifically formulated for our customers that want to wash their cars without damaging the current protective measures they’ve taken. Many car wash shampoos contain harsh chemicals that will actually strip your wax or sealant from your surface, leaving a streaky and unprotected mess behind. Sometimes that’s exactly what you DO want your shampoo to do, but for those times you don’t have hours to spend protecting your car all over again, you can safely wash with Britemax Pure Max Shampoo.

This highly-concentrated, high-foaming, pH-neutral, wax and polymer-free, high-shine (that’s a mouthful!) formula will leave your surface cleaned – and still protected!

16 oz.