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Britemax AIO Max

Britemax AIO MaxPolish and protect in one step!

Britemax AIO Max is an easy-to-use all in one product that corrects mild paint imperfections and adds a durable layer of protection to your vehicle. This highly-effective formula can be used as a standalone product, or as a second step on previously polished paint. Britemax AIO Max restores the beauty and shine that was hidden by light swirls and oxidation, and all in one easy step!
When you don't need a full paint correction, but still want a perfect finish, Britemax AIO Max is just for you!

Some paint finishes don’t need the contents of your entire detailing shelf to get the job done. These are the paint finishes of relatively well-kept vehicles that have only minor swirls or oxidation. Britemax AIO Max is the perfect way to restore the luster on these vehicles in just one step!

Britemax AIO Max contains a cutting edge blend of mild abrasives along with engineered polymers and waxes. This perfect blend allows you to gently clean your vehicle’s paint, while applying a layer of durable wax protection all I one simple step. Britemax AIO Max is ideal for use on well-kept vehicles as well as in production detailing. Apply it by hand or with your favorite machine polisher.

Do not store in extreme temperatures. Should product become frozen, allow to thaw and then shake until original texture is restored.

16 oz.