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Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax 250 ml.

Maximizes gloss, color and metallic flake on all paint colors

Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax is a soft wax that is designed to provide a fluid, wet-looking gloss without hindering the beauty and crispness provided by colors with metallic flake. This easy on, easy-off car wax is formulated using the highest quality ingredients including natural oils and various types of wax. Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax is crafted entirely by hand in Buckinghamshire UK.

Jay, the ďBouncerĒ himself, set out to develop a wax that would produce a warm glow without muting the metallic flake that is prevalent in so many vehicles manufactured today. Most waxes that produce a deep, wet gloss tend to mute the underlying metallic flake. Thatís not the case with Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax. By experimenting with different blends of natural oils and various types of waxes, Jay developed a car wax that would create a fluid, wet-looking gloss while maximizing any present metallic flake.

Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax is far more than a just another pretty face in the car wax world. This hand-crafted wax provides excellent paint protection in any environment. Unlike most other waxes that have a high content of natural oils, Bouncerís Salute the Fruit doesn't attract dust. Vehicles that are waxed with Bouncerís Salute the Fruit will remain cleaner in between washes while exhibiting exceptional water beading.

Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax should only be applied to paintwork that has been properly clayed and polished first. If your vehicleís paint feels gritty or rough to the touch, clay it first using Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay. Follow that with Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion to rid the surface of gloss-hindering below-surface contaminants. This will create the perfect foundation for Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax.

Bouncer's Salute the Fruit Car Wax is manufactured entirely by hand in the United Kingdom. This wax is available in extremely limited quantities.

250 ml.
Made in the UK

Bouncerís Salute the Fruit Car Wax 250 ml.

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Good First Impression
The shine is excellent, there is good depth and somewhat of a wet look to it on a silver 20030 Accord Coupe. I have 2 coats over a base sealant application. It applied easily, be sure to apply it thinly, and was easy to remove even if buffing it after the max. 3 minute wait time. I have had it on for only a week so I will provide another review rating its longevity and protective abilities later. My four star rating is mostly because of the price. I am not sure how this compares with other similar priced waxes. It still is worth experimenting with.