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Meguiars Mirror Glaze #44 Marine/RV Color Restorer

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #44 Marine/RV Color Restorer A mild cleaner and gloss enhancer for fiberglass!

Fiberglass is subject to oxidation just like clear coat automotive paint. This oxidation shows up in the form of a white chalk that covers the gel coat. It is particularly noticeable on painted fiberglass because it obscures the color and reduces the shine. Many first time boat owners learn this lesson when it’s a little too late. Not to worry. Meguiar’s #44 Marine/RV Color Restorer will remove light oxidation and restore the gloss to your fiberglass boat or RV so it looks like new again!

Meguiar’s #44 Marine/RV Color Restorer contains a mild cleaner along with gloss enhancing agents to lightly polish the gel coat and improve the shine. Diminishing abrasives smooth out minor imperfections and remove the layer of light oxidation that is clouding the color of your paint. Stains and discoloration will be polished away. Once the dull surface contamination is removed, your boat or RV will look shiny, clean, and the color will be restored to its former clarity and brightness.

You may apply #44 Color Restorer by hand or by machine. Either way, work on a cool, clean surface in the shade. Apply a line of restorer in a circle onto a polishing pad. Press the pad to the surface using medium pressure and turn the machine on at 4500-5000 OPM or 1000-1500 RPM. Work on one section at a time and buff away the dried polish using a Cobra microfiber towel. If applying by hand, use a terry cloth applicator pad. Always follow with a wax, like Meguiar’s #56 Boat/RV Pure Wax to protect your boat or RV from future damage.

If you are applying #44 Color Restorer with a polisher, like the Porter Cable 7424XP, be sure to thoroughly clean your pads. Mix a scoopful of McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator in 3-4 gallons of water and soak your used pads in the solution. In fact, keep a bucket of this cleaner on hand so you can toss the pads in as you use them. Pads will clean up easily and last longer!

Meguiar’s #44 Color Restorer yields particularly dramatic results on dark colored fiberglass. Navy blue and black will appear deeper and whites will appear crisp and clean.

Remember, you will achieve the best results if you catch oxidation early. As the oxidation overtakes the fiberglass, you will have fewer and fewer options to improve the appearance. At the first sign of oxidation, use Meguiar’s #44 Color Restorer to remove light oxidation and restore the vibrant color to your boat or RV.

16 oz.