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Blue Job No-Scratch Pipe Wipes

Blue Job No-Scratch Pipe Wipes

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Polish your pipes to the sparkle of precious gems!

So, what do gems have to do with chrome motorcycle pipes? Everything!

Gemologists use special cloths to polish fine gems to the brilliant shine you see lining the jewelry store display cases. These cloths are ultra-soft and nonabrasive, designed to clean without scratching metal or precious stones.

Blue Job knows that shiny chrome pipes are as valuable as diamonds to any motorcycle enthusiast. That’s why they took their cue from jewelers when designing their Blue Job No-Scratch Pipe Wipes.

These wipes are designed to bring out a sparkling shimmer on all chrome surfaces when used with Blue Job Chrome Polish. The cloths are entirely nonabrasive and will enhance the performance of the polish with their special polishing characteristics.

Any jeweler can tell you that not all polishing cloths are the same. They are tweaked to complement a specific gem or metal, depending on the chemical composition and properties of those materials. For example, a cloth designed for 24 carat gold should not be used on sterling silver because silver will scratch more easily.

The makers of Blue Job applied these principles to their new Pipe Wipes by making it chemically and physically “in tune” with chrome. It will not scratch chrome and nothing in the wipe’s composition will react with the chrome. You can rest assured that your motorcycle’s chrome pipes have received the safest possible polish with Blue Job Pipe Wipes!

Use the wipes to remove fingerprints, smudges, and oils before starting the engine. *Remember, it is best to polish cold pipes.

Each Pipe Wipe is individually packaged in a re-sealable plastic bag to preserve its unique properties. Carry one or more in your saddlebag for quick touch-ups.

You can even use these wipes on your gemstones, diamonds, and fine crystal. They will not scratch even the most delicate surfaces!

Use Blue Job No-Scratch Pipe Wipes to get “Chrome so bright you gotta wear shades!”

9.5” x 4.5”
Blue Job No-Scratch Pipe Wipes