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The easiest way to “clay”!

BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt is a specialized wash mitt that uses an advanced rubberized material to safely remove embedded contaminants in your paint. This synthetic coating works the way a traditional clay bar does, but with a lot less mess! BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt will safely remove over-spray, road grime, dirt, industrial fall-out, tree sap and more with just one pass! Engineered as a two-in-one tool, the BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt works as both a wash mitt AND a method of decontamination!

Using a clay bar to remove embedded surface contaminants was a stroke of genius – how else could we hope to achieve that perfect look without them!? But, such as life, things have evolved and we now have an alternate to using a traditional clay bar. BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt works the same way as a standard clay bar, but with a much easier application!

Rather than having to knead your clay bar multiple times during a detail, you can simply rinse away removed contaminants from the mitt and continue on! And if BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt is dropped during use, you don’t have to throw it away, just rinse and keep going! You’re now able to combine two previously separate steps – the washing and the claying – into one!

Remove embedded paint contaminats with BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt!
Use BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant to allow your BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt to move freely across the surface to remove embedded paint contaminants.
Removing contaminants from your paint is an important step in detailing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard! BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt will remove embedded surface contaminants such as over-spray, road grime, dirt, industrial fall-out, tree sap, and more and will allow you to have the perfect gloss and finish you’re always working for!

Directions for use:

The Blackfire Clay Mitt is manufactured with a protective coating that must be removed before use. Simply use the Clay Mitt as directed on glass to remove the coating.

When using the Clay Mitt during your regular washing routine, first remove all loose dirt and debris. Submerge the Clay Mitt in your bucket of soapy water and re-wash your vehicle one panel at a time. Be sure to start at the top and make your way toward the bottom to avoid cross-contamination. Regularly reload the Clay Mitt with soap and water for ample lubrication. Rinse and dry your vehicle as normal.

When using the Clay Mitt on it's own with a dedicated clay lubricant, first wash the car to remove all loose dirt and debris. Spray a liberal amount of Blackfire Clay Lubricant onto the surface, working one panel at a time. Gently move the Clay Mitt back and forth across the paint in a criss-crossing motion. Dry the panel you've just worked on before moving on to the next panel.

Work only on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
To preserve the life of your Clay Mitt, store in the original packaging with rubber coating facing up.


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11 Reviews
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73% Recommend this product (8 of 11 responses)
Citrus Heights, CA
I like the dual purpose of this! Foam the car and have a bucket system for the mitt. Tackle the light scrubbing and light clay for embedded particles. Just have to make sure car is lubricated with either soapy suds or clay lube (I prefer claying when im washing). only reason i knocked it down 1 star is because I prefer aggressive clay because most cars need it when dealing with (overspray, pollen, other contaminants) that are harder to remove with just the minor/medium clays which i think the mitt is part of a maintenance routine rather than a full on vehicle decontamination that has heavy particles. That being said its still a great product because its a wash mitt and if there are some minor embedded contamination the mitt is able to knock those out without having to bust open your clay bar for those minor areas.
ProsDual purpose Minor Contamination Removal
ConsIMO its only for minor contamination not HEAVY contaminated vehicles that require an aggressive clay
Arlington, Texas
The reviews I've read are all pretty positive. It's possible I got a bad product. I've been a long time nanoskin user, both the mitt and the pad for the DA. I only use the pad if I'm going to polish. The first time I used the Blackfire mitt I noticed marring pretty bad. Then I used it a couple more times finally I did a section with the Blackfire mitt then used me old Nanoskin mitt. I got no marring with the Nanoskin. I ordered a new Nanoskin mitt.
It's not that bad if you're going to polish the car anyway, but even then you could be making more work for yourself.
ProsPrice Ok to use if you are going to polish
ConsBad marring, could be I got a bad mitt, it's rare but ya never know.
Los Angeles, CA
Much better than regular clay
SO much easier than traditional clay and being a mitt I don't have to worry about dropping it and having to throw it away.
ProsCan be cleaned after dropping
Just Right
The BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt is the perfect solution for this DIY guy. I learned that the clay towel I was using was difficult to store and tried to keep it moist in order to use, I have no such problem with the Clay Mitt. The Mitt fits perfectly, is easy for me to use and is very forgiving. By this I mean while in a rush, I have skipped steps and used the Mitt to wash and clay at the same time with wonderful results using a one way, two bucket method!
I spray clean the mitt frequently and have not noticed any degrading even with a dozen uses. After spray waxing I am very pleased with the results.
ProsEasy to use, Does an adequate job, Durable
ConsNone as yet
Bridgeville, PA
Claying made easy!
I used this Clay Mit for the first time this past weekend and it would great and was easy to use. Much less than the more expensive clay mits available!
ProsRemoved surface contaminants without issue
ConsNone at this point