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McKee's RV UV50 Tire Clean & Protect

McKee's RV UV50 Tire Clean & ProtectRemoves browning and dresses to perfection in one step

McKee’s RV UV50 is an all-in-one cleaner and protectant for your RV’s tires. This silicone-free, water-based formula contains a gentle blend of cleaners that remove browning caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. The thick, gel-like formula conditions rubber while imparting a low-gloss sheen that lasts weeks. McKee’s RV UV50 Tire Clean & Protect actually helps tires maintain their flexibility while providing UV protection.

The tires on your RV cost upwards of $1,000 a piece. You don’t have to be a mathematician to run the numbers – considering your RV has at least 6 tires, that’s several thousand dollars. You’ve probably wondered if you need to clean or protect them with anything, the answer is YES!

McKee's RV UV50 cleans and protects RV tires in one step!
Thick gel formula is easy to apply and will NOT sling off
Polishes your RV's wheels to a mirror finish
Make the wheels on your RV stand out
McKee’s RV UV50 Tire Clean & Protect removes the browning on your RV’s tires, which is caused by a phenomenon known as blooming. The pasty brown film that develops on your RV’s tires over time creates an unsightly eyesore. Worst of all, if you neglect to clean and protect your RV’s tires using the appropriate product, the sidewalls will dry out and crack, creating a safety hazard. McKee’s RV UV50 is the solution.

UV50 is the first and only product of its type. First, it removes unsightly browning, dirt, and road film from your tires. Second, it hydrates the tires with nourishing rubber conditioners that help prevent long-term cracking. Third, it shields the rubber with a durable UV inhibitor that protects against browning. Last but not least, it’s a water-based formula so you can feel confident knowing it’s not going to sling off or stain your driveway.

Using McKee’s RV UV50 Tire Clean & Protect is simple. If the tires are brown, massage it into the surface using a terrycloth or microfiber applicator pad. If the tires are not brown, apply a thin coat using a foam tire swipe. There’s no need to remove any excess product because it will absorb into the rubber. If the tires are filthy and grimy, it’s best to give them a thorough scrubbing with McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator first.

32 oz.

Made in USA


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