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Dr. Beasley's Film Coating Kit

Dr. Beasley's Film Coating Kit Keeps your protective films looking great for years!

The Film Coating Kit supplies you with everything you will need to apply the incredibly advance nano ceramic coating that Dr. Beasley’s created specifically for use on protective films and wraps. This coating will ensure that the $1000 or more investment you made into your protective film does not go to waste. It will prevent your film from yellowing, maintain the self-healing properties that many films have, and provide incredible hydrophobicity to your films surface. The film coating prep will ensure that the surface of your protective film or wrap is perfectly clean and properly prepared to have a nano ceramic coating applied. The applicator and cloths that come with this kit were designed by Dr. Beasley’s specifically for use to apply ceramic coatings. They always ensure that your coatings are applied as evenly and consistently as possible.

The Dr. Beasley's Film Coating Kit Includes:

Film coating
Applying a protection to your protection may seem a little redundant and unnecessary, but it is actually quite needed to ensure that your vehicle is able to look its best and to ensure that your protective film is able to do its job for years to come. Protective films are quite sensitive to the UV rays that your car is constantly exposed to. These UV rays will gradually cause your protective film or wrap to fade and yellow over time, great impacting the look of your vehicle. This Film Coating and the UV/UVB-inhibitors that it contains will ensure that your protective film is properly insulated from the UV rays that seek to ruin it. This Film Coating also won’t inhibit the self-healing capabilities that many of these protective films have. It is just as flexible as the film itself, allowing it to self-heal without worry. On top of all of this, you will also receive impeccable hydrophobic qualities from this film coating that will keep water, acidic contaminants, and other hazards from slowly eating away at your film or wrap.

Film Coating Prep
Because nano ceramic coatings are such a finicky type of product, they require the proper preparation to be done before you can apply them to the vehicle. All contaminants and oils must be stripped from the surface for the coating to properly bond. This Film Coating Prep will do just that! It will work into the miniscule hills and valleys of your film to ensure that all the residue that would otherwise prevent your coating from adhering are effectively removed.

Foam Block Applicator
These applicators provide a sturdy and pliable base that will ensure that the Nano-Resin Pro is applied thinly and evenly.

Suede Cloths
These cloths are incredible soft to apply Nano-Resin Pro without marring the surface of your paint in the process. The nap on the cloths is shallow enough to ensure that the coating is kept on the surface of the towel to ensure the coating is applied properly and that the coating is used as efficiently as possible.

Kit Includes:
1 1-oz. Film Coating
1 2-oz. Film Coating Prep
1 Foam Block Applicator
2 Suede Cloths

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