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Autogeek GearIf you're into automobiles, there's no better place on the web to find products and tools to support your habit - I mean, hobby. Now, you can get official Autogeek Gear right here at your favorite car care superstore!

Some items are functional, some are just for fun. Each item is quality made with an official Autogeek logo.

If you're crazy about your car, the Autogeek logo says it all!
Autogeek Neck Gaiter
Our Price: $19.99
 Autogeek 25 Foot Pro Lock Extension Cord
Our Price: $39.99, 2/$69.99
15 Reviews
DP Brand Snapback Hat
Our Price:  $19.99
Sale price:  $9.99
1 Review
Autogeek Vintage American Flag T-Shirt
Our Price: $19.99
2 Reviews
Autogeek Women's Tank Top
Our Price:  $19.99
Sale price:  $9.50
Autogeek Snapback Hat - <font color=red>FREE with purchase over $75!</font>
Our Price:  $19.99
Sale price:  $0.00
34 Reviews
Autogeek Flexfit Hat
Our Price: $24.99
3 Reviews
FREE Autogeek White Logo Sticker - <font color=red>Your Choice!</font>
Our Price:  $9.99
Sale price:  $0.00
31 Reviews
Autogeek Logo Sticker - Large
Our Price: $4.99
1 Review
Autogeek Logo Sticker - Small
Our Price: $1.50, 2/$1.99
7 Reviews
Wash & Rinse Bucket Labels
Our Price: $7.99
4 Reviews
Autogeek's "Do Not Wash Car" Hanging Sign
Our Price:  $3.99
Sale price:  $0.00
11 Reviews
Autogeek Embossed Metal Sign
Our Price:  $59.99
Sale price:  $44.99
1 Review
Show Car Shine Detailing Book Combo
Our Price:  $39.98
Sale price:  $21.99
9 Reviews
Autogeek Detailing Cover-Up Towel
Our Price: $21.99, 2/$32.99
13 Reviews
Autogeek Polisher Bag
Our Price: $49.99
Autogeek Travel Bag
Our Price: $24.99
2 Reviews
Autogeek Detailer's Bag
Our Price: $49.99
38 Reviews
Autogeek Clean & Clear Kit <font color=red>Super Value!</font>
Our Price:  $137.94
Sale price:  $69.99
24 Reviews
Autogeek Travel Bag Microfiber Kit
Our Price:  $85.91
Sale price:  $59.99
Autogeek Whiplash in a Bag Travel Kit
Our Price:  $73.95
Sale price:  $45.00
Autogeek Squeeze Bottle
Our Price: $2.99
13 Reviews
Bucket Seat Cushion, 12 inches
Our Price: $9.99
4 Reviews
5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo - CLEAR
Our Price: $34.99
8 Reviews
Grit Guard - Dual Bucket System
Our Price: $119.99
9 Reviews
Grit Guard
Our Price: $119.99
4 Reviews