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Introducing Autogeek Miles — Your new favorite rewards program! For every dollar spent here at Autogeek, you receive one Autogeek Mile! stock up on miles and when you get to 100 of them, we 'll give you a $5 reward! Spend $200, receive 200 Autogeek miles, and qualify for a $10 reward! The more you spend, the more rewards you get!

Keep an eye out — Autogeek Mile Members are eligible for DOUBLE and TRIPLE Miles during special promotion periods and you'll be the first to know when those start!

Becoming an Autogeek Mile Member is easy — simply create an account HERE and start shopping! Don't worry, we'll keep track of the rewards and let you know when it's time to cash in. Already have an account? Sign in HERE and check your balance or redeem your miles.


  • Earn 1 Mile for Every $1 Spent
    Earn rewards miles on every dollar you spend. Be eligible to earn double or triple miles on promotional products when available.

  • Earn 5 Miles for Each Approved Product Review
    Earn miles when you share your experience with products and it's approved and published on our store.

  • Earn 5 Miles When a Friend Places an Order
    Share our rewards program with or email to earn miles when family & friends make purchases.
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$5 Dollars Reward Coupon - Redeem for 100 Miles
$10 Dollars Reward Coupon - Redeem for 200 Miles
$30 Dollars Reward Coupon - Redeem for 600 Miles
$55 Dollars Reward Coupon - Redeem for 1100 Miles
$110 Dollars Reward Coupon - Redeem for 2200 Miles