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Amazing Roll-Off Bundle

Amazing Roll-Off Bundle

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All the basics for an amazing result

Use the Amazing Roll-Off for a variety of detailing purposes from removing dirt and grime on tires and engines, to washing vinyl and canvas tops and more. A Detail Bottle with Sprayer will add convenience to your detailing experience when diluting it with water. With use of the Large Multi-Purpose Brush you get soft, synthetic brushes that are tough on dirt and grime, but soft on your surfaces. To finish up your detailing job, buff the surface clean with an All-Purpose Microfiber Towel.

Items in this kit:

Amazing Roll-Off
Originally developed for boaters to clean canvas sails, Amazing Roll-Off works wonders on cleaning vinyl and canvas convertible tops. Even tough stains that other cleaners can't touch come out with little or no effort. Amazing Roll-Off will not degrade the water repellency of convertible tops. t's a clearcoat safe, 100% acid-free wheel cleaner. Spray on Amazing Roll-Off and watch as caked-on road grime and brake dust wash away! It's a powerful tire cleaner. You'll be amazed as brown sludge slides off your tires. It's a white-wall cleaner. Roll-Off brightens white-walls and raised white letters. Without bleach! Roll-Off will not discolor the carbon black in tires. It's a vinyl top cleaner. Amazing Roll-Off easily removes layers of sunbaked grime that other cleaners can't touch.

Large Multi-Purpose Brush
Large Multi-Purpose Brush is as versatile a detail brush as you can imagine. The soft, synthetic bristles are clear-coat safe and perfect for use on virtually any surface. Dirty wheels caked with brake dust? Check! Dusty interior? Check! Random staining on exterior plastic? The Large Multi-Purpose Brush can handle that and more! The synthetic fibers are snugly packed inside the plastic handle, keeping surrounding areas safe during detailing. If you’re unsure if you need the Large Multi-Purpose Brush, let us assure you – you do!

Grey All Purpose Microfiber Towels
Pick up an All Purpose Microfiber Towels in all the available colors to color-code your detailing towels for different detailing jobs! This will prevent cross-contamination and give you a huge supply of quality microfiber!

Kit includes
1 32 oz. Amazing Roll-Off
1 Speed Master Tire Scrub Brush
3 16” x 16” Grey All Purpose Microfiber Towels

A total retail value of $26.97. Save $6.98!

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Amazing Roll-Off Bundle