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> > Autogeek Clean & Dirty Suede Bags - 5 Gallon

Autogeek Clean & Dirty Suede Bags - 5 Gallon

Make your laundry-time easier!

Separate your clean and dirty microfiber towels in these exclusive Autogeek Clean & Dirty suede drawstring bags! These spacious bags fit easily into a 5 gallon bucket for even easier use! Show off your Autogeek pride with these additions to your garage or work space!

Have you been having trouble keeping track of which of your microfiber towels are clean or dirty? Do you need a better system to keep them separated? Well look no further! The Autogeek Clean & Dirty bags will make the task of washing your microfiber towels simpler and your garage more organized. We have chosen these high-quality suede drawstring bags for durability to keep your microfiber towels safe from snagging or pulling!

When you have freshly washed microfiber towels, pop them into the "Clean" bag for easy-to-grab access for your next project. When you are finished using a towel, throw it into the "Dirty" bag and wash the contents when you're ready! It's as easy as that! Plus these bags fit nicely into a 5 gallon bucket for days when you need to get in and out of the bags quickly.

(1) Clean Bag (1) Dirty Bag

Autogeek Clean & Dirty Suede Bags - 5 Gallon

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Autogeek Clean & Dirty Suede Bags - 5 Gallon