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3M Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax 10.5 oz. - 39526

Ultra high gloss finish, with long-lasting protection!

The most sought-after appearance for your car’s paint to is that magnificent “submerged” look that you see on award-winning show cars and those just off the showroom floor, detailed by a professional. 3M makes it possible to attain that gorgeous, glossy wet shine at home! 3M products deliver such an outstanding outcome that they’re also a favorite of professionals world-wide. Everyday price, extraordinary shine! That liquefied shine is attributed to another amazing 3M breakthrough by their research chemists--acrylic silicone flouropolymer, or A.S.F. The grafting of these substances has developed a new scientific breed of flouropolymers—extreme slickness, protectiveness, and water-repellancy!

3M Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax does more than bring out good looks—it offers paint protection against sun, acid rain, airborne contaminants, and other paint-harming agents. The same A.S.F. technology that gives it superior gloss also helps create a protective shell which actually repels grease, dust, and fingerprints. They can’t begin to adhere to the super-slippery surface! And like a gentle polish, 3M Show Car Paste Wax fills in minor swirls and scratches as you add your protective wax shell. Long lasting, beautiful, high tech protection at a mega-low price! The value is unbeatable; you should get 20-30 applications out of one jar!

The pure, 3M Perfect-It Show Car Wax does not have cleaning properties. Prepare your surfaces beforehand with a polish or pre-cleaner for best results. (3M products Imperial Glaze or Perfect-It Swirl Mark Remover work well with Show Car Wax.)

Expect an exceptionally hard wax. You will need to exert pressure when getting wax onto your applicator, and in buffing it off to a shine! Its benefits outweigh the little bit of extra work, though. All waxes are not created equal, and you’ll want to find one that is your perfect balance of ease of application, final appearance, finish and durability. The only drawback to this one that I’ve found is that it is more difficult to apply and remove than a soft Carnauba, like Pinnacle. (Some car buffs suggest using the aid of a non-cleaning Quick Detailer Spray to make buffing away to wax a bit easier, with the same outcome.) But if it’s a heavy-duty wet shine and long-lasting perfection you demand at a phenomenally low cost, you will appreciate 3M Show Car Paste Wax!

To use: Using a microfiber applicator pad, apply a thin even film to the painted surfaces of your car. Allow to dry to a complete haze. Buff to a high gloss using a clean microfiber detail cloth.

This wax is safe to use on all clear coat finishes and may be used by hand or with a dual action power buffer.

net wt. 10.5 oz.

3M Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax 10.5 oz. - 39526

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Coatesville, Pa
Long lasting, good gloss
Used this product for years. Love 3M products. They perform as stated. Wax is long lasting, put on in thin coats, easy to removed if applied lightly.
ProsLong lasting Great shine Excellent protection Many applications from 1 can
Day Ohio
Will buy again love 3m products
Nashville, TN
3M products need I say more.
Really nice finish. Easy on and off.
I'm biased about 3M due to the fact that there products always perform.
This in one is a bargain price for the performance you get.
Deep wet finish.
Nice wax
I only used the liquid way back, I remember the crisp, deep reflection with the "pop" really coming from the metallic flakes on the paint, I prefer the paste to the liquid. This applies easier and thinner, and being a traditional hard paste wax, application is similar to collinite paste waxes (476s and 915) but this goes on and removes a bit more effortlessly. And this wax is less expensive than either 476s and 915. The collinites probably have better durability, but in appearance (shine, reflectivity, and depth) this can easily go head to head with collinites.
3M Perfect-It Paste Wax
I am a wax fanatic! I try all comers looking for the perfect wax. I fell in love with the 3M Perfect-It liquid wax a few months ago, but it was difficult to remove well and the applicator would become saturated while doing one car, making it difficult to apply a nice thin coat.
The liquid would produce the hardest and slickest feeling surface of all the waxws I used at the time... Mothers, Meguiars NXT 2.0, Surf City Garage Paste Wax, Glazes and Polishes from all of the above and more. I finally gave up on the liquid 3M and went for the paste.

The paste is outstanding! The ONLY thing it misses on is the slickness I would get from the liquid Perfect-It. That slickness even improved after a day of curing. The paste does not have the same slickness, but it applies so easily and evenly! It removes as soon as the microfiber towel hits it. There are no streaks or baked on patches that require more effort. THE SHINE IS REMARKABLE! Water beading is good, maybe not the best. Not as good as the liquid version, but certainly good and for the effort it takes to apply the paste, worth the trade.
I wax my car about once a week. I seldom allow it to go 2 weeks without a waxing except in the winter. I was forced to discontinue waxing through the coldest time of winter because the carnuba wax would never dry or haze. I used some synthetics to get through the season. I know the 3M is a synthetic sealant, but it is so easy to apply, I am hoping it will work in sub 20 degree weather. If not, I will let you know how it last through winter.
In short... great wax/sealant! Applies easily and removes even easier! Great appearance! Not as slick as the liquid version, but much easier to apply!
Worth the money.