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3M Quick Wax 16 oz. - 39034

3M Quick Wax 16 oz. - 39034Show car finish touch-up!

I think quick detailing sprays may be the most under-rated group of products that there is. Take them for what they’re worth—use on clean dry paint to refresh that “just-waxed” look and remove dust that has settled, use as an aid for removing stubborn polishes or waxes, use on panels that are still wet from washing and rinsing, during the drying phase to keep your finish sparkling, or use to shine tires, windshields, and hard plastic surfaces.

3M Quick Wax is good for anywhere or anytime you want to wipe away dust, smudges, dirt, or surface contaminants between washes or major wax applications. It’s great for turning up the shine, instantly! It helps to extend the life of your wax. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to use. Spray on, wipe off! Easy, versatile, instant gratification. What more can you want? It’s a detailer’s and show car owner’s best friend. Keep it in your glove box or trunk with a microfiber detailing towel, and your vehicle can always look like you just spent hours on it.

3M Quick Wax also helps to repel dirt, dust and fingerprints because of its slickness. Nothing wants to stick! This is the finish that you have when your car has just been thoroughly waxed. Difference is, a 3M Quick Wax treatment takes, at most, five minutes bumper to bumper, compared with hours for a complete wax application!

3M Quick Wax goes a long way. The price couldn’t be better. As with all 3M products, if anything they’re known for their effectiveness and value. A reflective shine and renewed sparkle without all the work! Just spray on the shine and go.

16 fl. oz.