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3M Headlight Lens Restoration System - 39008

3M Headlight Lens Restoration System - 39008

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Restore dull headlights like a professional!

The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is a complete headlight polishing kit that removes scratches and yellowing from aged headlight lenses. This four-step, do-it-yourself polishing kit restores clarity to headlights and taillights to achieve optimum brightness. You'll see the road better and other drivers will see you better after you use the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System.

Plastic lenses can yellow with age, reducing headlight brightness. Dull headlights fail to illuminate as far as they should, meaning you're only seeing part of the picture. To improve your safety while driving, use the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System to restore yellow, oxidized headlights.

3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is a simple, four-step process that you can perform at home with no special tools. You only need a standard household drill. The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System saves you money. Most headlights can be restored well enough to avoid costly lens replacement, and there's no need to hire a professional. If you can operate a drill, you can polish headlights with the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System.The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit works with a drill to restore yellow, cloudy headlight lenses.

Use the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System to restore plastic lenses, including headlights, taillights, fog and directional lights. You'll need the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System, an electric drill that operates from 1200-1600 rpm, a Microfiber Detailing Cloth,
and a spray bottle filled with water.

The 3M Headlight Kit was used to restore this rear lens cover with outstanding results!
Thanks to forum member Dalton B. for these excellent before and after shots.

  1. Wipe off the headlight to remove any loose dirt. Tape off the surrounding paint with Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape.
  2. Put the backing plate onto the drill. Press the yellow P500 grit disc against the backing plate. Use light to medium pressure and work back and forth to remove scratches and yellowing. When the disc is no longer effective, turn off the drill and attach a new P500 grit disc and continue working until defects are removed.
  3. Next, attach the P800 grit white abrasive disc to remove scratches from previous step. Again, work with light to medium pressure After this step, the headlight should look frosted.
  4. Apply P3000 Trizact™ Foam Disc. Mist the disc with a water bottle. Use light to medium pressure to sand the lens cover. You'll see a white slurry as you polish. Continue with 4-6 passes after the white slurry appears. Wipe the headlight lens with a Microfiber Detailing Cloth and inspect your work. Any remaining scratches should be very fine at this point. If not, repeat this step.
  5. Attach the orange foam compounding pad. Dispense a dime size amount of 3M headlight lens polish onto the pad and spread over the lens with the machine turned off to avoid splatter. Polish the lens until the lens is clear and smooth. Wipe the lens clean with a Microfiber Detailing Cloth.
  6. To protect your lenses from future oxidation, use Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant. The clear coating will guard against UV rays, moisture, and dirt.

Restore the appearance and function of your vehicle's headlights with the do-it-yourself 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System.

Kit includes:
3M backing plate
4 P800 grit white abrasive discs
6 P500 grit yellow discs
P3000 Trizact™ foam disc
Orange foam compounding pad
1 oz. 3M Headlight Lens Polish Sample

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Tallahassee, Florida
Pretty good
Worked pretty well. Difficult to get the discs into tight places. Didn’t make the lenses like new but greatly improved clarity
ProsGreatly improved headlight clarity
ConsDifficult to tell when to go to the next step in the sequence and to get the discs into tight spots.
In our opinion very good kit using buffer
Included various strength sanding-grit discs are very effective. Buffing discs have an "extra" thickness. Whole process can take around 30 minutes to an hour, or maybe more if you are inexperienced with the power drill. But nevertheless you will save hundreds of dollars with no need to replace your foggy headlights with new ones.

Our whole review: https://www.helpful.reviews/en/product/8/3M-39008-headlight-lens-restoration-system-review
Prospowerdrill friendly extra thickness of buffing discs can take around 30 minutes if you are experienced with power drill
Consnot so easy for inexperienced power drill users
washington DC
Lo and behold! It's clear again.
I had some foggy spots on my headlight lens cover, so I bought this kit hoping I wouldn't have to use all of the sanding disc steps. 2 reasons why: I didn't THINK I had a bad problem with cloudiness, but after I taped off the area surrounding my headlights and got a good look at them I realized the problem was worse than I first thought. 2nd reason: I have never sanded anything before on my car, and the thought of it scared me. So I started the sanding steps and the first sand completely obstructed my ability to see my headlights; they turned completely cloudy. This scared the hell out of me. I continued with the process and it got clearer and clearer as I progressed. When I got to the last step, which was the compound stage, my headlight covers looked as if they were brand new! Follow the steps and you will be happy at the end!
ProsThis is a excellent process that anyone can follow, all you need is a drill and the ability to follow instructions.
ConsI wish they had included one more pad that is used in the final sanding stage. You only get one, and you have to do both headlights with it.
Charleston, SC
Shines Like a Champ
Wow -- that's the word I'd use for the entire experience. Autogeek delivered quickly and the 3M Headlight Restoration System works like a champ. Took me less than an hour to turn VERY yellow lens back into crystal clear perfection. Love it...
ProsWorks as described -- better actually
ConsCan't remember if they said to wear a facemask while sanding - but you should. It kicks up a lot of plastic dust particles which can't be good for you :)
Port Washington, WI
Great product for restoring really bad headlights
I used this on a set of headlights with over 180,000 miles, with heavy hazing/yellowing. Because of the local weather, I made this job harder on myself by removing the assemblies and doing the work in my basement instead of my 15 degree garage. Ideally I would have done this as recommended on the vehicle.

The directions included are easy to follow and provide useful photos of expected results. As I worked through the steps I at first thought I was making things worse (and in a way you kinda are) but I could see that I was more or less doing it correctly. The wet sanding step is where you really start to see an improvement, and the buffing step was where you start to be impressed.

After finishing the steps my headlights look (and feel!) many times better and the light output has improved dramatically without changing bulbs. My only complaint is that the final step is rather aggressive and leaves swirls/marring in the plastic, which you can see in my 'after' photo. The next time I restore a set, which will be my wife's car, I will add a polishing step in between. I didn't take any stars off for this because I think it is a 'restoration system' and wasn't really intended to be a finishing product. Also, for this particular set of headlights, there is some hazing on the inside which can't be fixed without opening the assembly which I am not going to do. Overall this is a great way to bring back severely hazed headlights without the expense of replacing them.

Personally I did find the included sample packet of 3M rubbing compound to be more than enough. In fact, I still have some left in the packet. I found that just like with other detailing compounds, once the pad is saturated sufficiently it doesn't take much to keep it going. I did burn through all of the #800 discs, however, which are fewer in count that the #500. I bought a refill kit locally and it included another packet of rubbing compound, so I'm not concerned about buying more.
ProsEasy to use, helpful instructions, works as expected
ConsAdditional products needed to restore to a true 'like-new' finish