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3M Custom Image Kit 08584

3M Custom Image Kit 08584

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Make your mark!

The 3M Custom Image Kit lets you personalize your vehicle with the image of your choice. You create the stencil and you apply it! The 3M Custom Image Kit offers an easy and fun method of putting your own stamp on your vehicle. The matte finish image has a ghost effect that looks sharp on any paint color.

Put what's most important to you on your vehicle with the 3M Custom Image Kit. The stencil you create is uniquely yours. The kit includes step-by-step instructions to create car graphics and apply them to a vehicle in less than 30 minutes. The matte graphics are subtle yet they make a statement - your statement.

Unlike car sticker decals, the 3M Custom Image Kit uses no adhesives, so there are no chemicals or residue. While car decals can fade or peel, the matte finish image of the Custom Image Kit lasts as long as you want it. When you remove it, there's no ghost outline on the paint - just freshly restored clear coat.

The 3M Custom Image Kit actually creates the image on the clear coat by sanding. The matte image stands out against the shiny clear coat around it. The process removes just 1% of the clear coat to create the image. The beauty of this process is that it is entirely customizable, works with any paint color, and it's reversible.

When you're ready to remove your custom image, use 3M's Scratch Removal System 39071.

Matte graphics are one of the hottest trends right now, but getting them doesn't have to be expensive. The 3M Custom Image Kit lets anyone create and apply a custom image to his or her vehicle.

The kit includes a 9" x 11" sheet of transfer film that can be cut down to suit the size of your desired graphic.

3M Custom Image Kit 08584