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3D One 32 oz.

3D One 32 oz.

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Not sure if you'll like it? See what Mike Phillips has to say about it All the correction you’ll need at half the price!

3D One is a revolutionary product from 3D that will allow you to correct and perfect any paint surface in drastically less time than ever before! 3D One lets you do multiple paint correction steps without having to switch the product you are using, letting you save a ton on your cost of detailing supplies. 3D One is a great product to use if you are a professional due to its non-existent dusting and incredibly long working time. Unlike most compounds or polishes, 3D One will wipe off with great ease, even if it is allowed to dry on the paint!

Whether you are a professional detailer or a detailing enthusiast, being able to bring a car’s paint to a brilliant gloss is the most cost effective way possible is crucial. Professional detailers want to lower their product cost while still providing glorious results so their profits are increased. For the enthusiasts, car detailing is often just a hobby of passion, so they need to make sure they have more money left over for all the other important things in life. It doesn't matter to which group you belong, the money saving aspect of 3D One is sure to leave you impressed!
Mike Phillips used the 3D One on this 1968 Mustang Fastback. As you can see in the 50/50 and the after shot, the 3D One quickly removes swirls and scratches and creates shining mirror-like finish.

3D One is able to accomplish such an impressive task thanks to the versatility of the abrasives that are used in its formula. These abrasives allow the product to adjust with the pad you are using. When used with a cutting or compounding pad, 3D One will be able to correct more severe defects and leave the paint level. While using 3D One with a polishing pad will remove lighter defects and buff the surface to a high gloss finish. The level of versatility of 3D One means that you will never have to by a separate product for compounding and polishing, effectively cutting your product costs in half! And unlike similar products, with 3D One you will not have to sacrifice quality of results to save some money.

3D’s main goal when developing and manufacturing products is to provide career detailers with high-quality products that are designed to be used in professional production detailing. 3D One was designed along this same ideology and thus has several features that make it ideal for professional use. 3D One was developed with a large quantity of lubricants in its formula that will keep the surface of your paint slick and provide you with a much longer working time than you would receive with most compounds or polishes. The added lubrication and increased product wetness of 3D One also means that the product will not dry up and begin throwing out particles, what many detailers refer to as “dusting.” These properties mean that your clean-up time will be greatly reduced, reducing your detailing time!

Another great quality of 3D One that can be enjoyed by both professionals and enthusiasts is the ease with which it wipes off the surface. If you find yourself spending more time wiping off a compound or polish than you did applying it, you will start to dread the thought of correcting your paint.

3D One makes the process of perfecting your painted surfaces as painless and as affordable as possible!

32 oz.

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Magic In A Bottle
When I placed my order in 2018 of 3D One, I had not idea what I was in for.

I loved everything I heard in the 3D launch q&a with then spokesman, Donald Williams. The points about being able to cut and finish with this "one does all" paint polishing liquid. Low to no dusting, no harsh solvents, non diminishing abrasives, new abrasive tech, non staining, etc, etc, etc.

Since then 3D One has become my closest ally when polishing paint. I've also added ACA500 for the extreme situations where concentrated abrasives are necessary, and ACA520, AAT502 where an even finer polish might net more gloss.

Pads I like to pair it with:
Cutting - Buff and Shine Uro Fiber
Polishing/Finishing - Yellow Uro Tec
Ultra Finishing - White Uro Tec

One of my favorite features of this polish is how it can be stretched out. For example, if I make my initial application with four drops of polish, I can do my section passes, brush out the pad, and can often move to the next section without reloading the pad. I can do this for two, maybe three times. This keeps the pad cleaner with foam, but also keeps the fibers from becoming matted and saturated with the Uro-Fiber. If you're having trouble removing it, you're probably using too much.

I really enjoy working with the 3D abrasive liquids. I already loved polishing paint, but 3D actually makes it really fun in a way I wasn't expecting.

An honorable mention goes to the incredibly durable bottles 3D uses. The dispenser is also great. It's design keeps polish out of the spaces where it would normally dry up between uses.
Pros- Virtually dustless - Easy to remove - Intuitive, responds to various polishing approaches, pads, tools in an easy to navigate, predictable manner - Great cutting potential - Great finishing potential - Smells so good, like coconut. - Easy to wash out of pads
Great product for the best price
One is a very easy to work with product with an extended work time and leaves the finish looking beautiful
ProsWipes off cleanly Leaves a finish to add a quality wax for full protection Doesn't leave that white dust Won't turn trim white
Brick, NJ
Good for One Step Details
If you have a car that needs a little correction and your customer doesn't want to pay for a two step detail, try 3D One with a white pad or an orange pad with a little more cut. This product is a little more aggressive than 3D AT 505 and will provide good results.
ProsNot expensive/ Can be used for one step details on cars needing light to mild correction with good results.
Brookwood, AL
Possibly the best all in one out there!
This polish may just be the best all in one diminishing compound out there! It provides a long working time and is easy to buff out. If you're looking for an all in one, this is it!
Sarasota, FL
Perfect product
Incredibly easy to work with zero dust, wipes off easy. It's my go to polish and most efficient while being extremely effective still