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3D Non-Silicone Dressing 128 oz.

3D Non-Silicone Dressing 128 oz.

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Keeps your rubber from cracking and dulling!

3D Non-Silicone Dressing will effectively protect your rubber and vinyl surface from fading and cracking due to normal use and exposure. Due to the lack of silicones in 3D Non-Silicone Dressing’s formula, it is perfectly body-shop safe and won’t cause any fish-eyes in fresh paint! 3D Non-Silicone Dressing was designed to dry out to a matte finish for those who enjoy a subtler look to their rubber. 3D Non-Silicone Dressing can be used on your rubber trim, vinyl surfaces, trim, molding, and wheel wells!

Rubber, by nature, is a very porous material. While this can be beneficial when you want to cushion your door jambs, it does not lend itself to very much durability. If fact, often time, the surfaces on your vehicle that tend to wear out most quickly are the rubber and vinyl surfaces. This is because that porousness makes it extremely absorbent and easily penetrated by things such as road film and UV rays. And once rubber and vinyl start to degrade, there is next to nothing you can do to reverse the damage. That is why prevent is key when it comes to these surfaces.

There is no better kind of prevention than durable protection like 3D Non-Silicone Dressing. This professional grade dressing is designed to be used on any rubber or vinyl surface on the vehicle. It will quickly coat the entire surface in a thin and lasting layer of protection. 3D Non-Silicone Dressing contains things like UV inhibitor to prevent harmful UV rays. 3D Non-Silicone Dressing will also act as a barrier between your rubber and vinyl and the harsh contaminants that pose a risk!

3D Non-Silicone Dressing doesn’t stop at your rubber though! 3D Non-Silicone Dressing can be used to protect a multitude of surfaces like your trim, molding, wheel wells, and tires! Having a single product that is capable of perform various different job is crucial! Even if you aren’t a professional detailer, versatility and cost effectiveness are just as important for the person working on their own personal vehicle!

3D Non-Silicone Dressing is the perfect choice for those detailers out there who believe that rubber and vinyl were meant to have a muted, matte finish and prefer to keep it that way. 3D Non-Silicone Dressing dries to the touch and brandishes a low-shine, satin finish that will look neat and cared for without looking gaudy!

Apply a small amount of 3D Non-Silicone Dressing onto a microfiber or foam applicator. Spread 3D Non-Silicone Dressing evenly over the surface. Wipe off any excess product with a clean and dry microfiber towel. If you are applying it to your tires, allow it more time to dry to avoid slinging.

128 oz.

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3D Non-Silicone Dressing 128 oz.