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3D LVP Cleaner - 128 oz.

3D LVP Cleaner - 128 oz.

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The perfect all-around interior cleaner!

3D LVP Cleaner does a multitude of interior cleaning jobs across several different surfaces all in the same bottle! 3D LVP Cleaner is able to quickly remove stains, grime, and dirt from your leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. 3D LVP Cleaner is simple to use and will allow you to clean the vast majority of your interior surfaces in minutes! 3D LVP Cleaner will leave your interior with a smooth, clean, matte finish that is sure to make driving your car that much more enjoyable!

A dirty car interior may not be much of an issue when you are showing off your carís glorious paint job, but as soon as you crack open your car door, the appeal of your car over all is ruined. Even more than that, you yourself are spending quite a bit of time in your carís interior, and when every surface has a nice collection of dust and grime, it can be an unbearable sight for someone who is a detailing enthusiast. But, with all the various surface materials that your carís interior is made of, it can be difficult to find one cleaner that is capable of doing it all. Or rather, it WAS. However, 3D LVP Cleaner is the perfect cleaner to use across multiple different surfaces!

3D LVP Cleaner will be able to provide a thorough clean to any leather, vinyl, or plastic surface in your carís interior. These three different material types cover the majority of the interior of pretty much every modern car. Being able to take car of all three of these surfaces with just one bottle of 3D LVP Cleaner is not only a huge money-saver but a huge time-saver as well!

3D LVP Cleaner is formulated with powerful cleaner agents that are capable of cutting through even the difficult messes quickly! Whether you spilled a sticky drink on your plastic center console or are trying to remove the denim staining from your leather seats, 3D LVP Cleaner will be able to effectively and thoroughly eliminate the mess and restore your interior to its former glory!

Best of all, 3D LVP Cleaner does not leave the surfaces feeling greasy once you have cleaned them. Many other interior cleaners have this problem because they add ingredients that are intended to leave the surface with a high-gloss shine. Not only is a high-gloss shine not ideal for a carís interior due to ambient glare, but the greasy feeling is almost worse than just keeping the surface dirty. 3D LVP Cleaner doesnít use any gloss enhancing ingredients and opts instead for a clean, matte finish (which is often preferable), you wonít have to worry about any greasy residue being left behind!

Vinyl & Plastic: Spray 3D LVP Cleaner onto a damp microfiber applicator and gently clean the vinyl or plastic surface. Use a separate clean and damp microfiber towel to wipe the remaining 3D LVP Cleaner off the surface. Then dry the surface.

Leather: Dilute 3D LVP Cleaner 1:2 (Product:Water) and clean the surface with a damp microfiber applicator or a soft horse hair brush. Then wipe the 3D LVP Cleaner off the surface and dry.

128 oz.

3D LVP Cleaner - 128 oz.