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How-To Revive Your Car with 3D Car Care

How-To Revive Your Car with 3D Car Care3D Car Care is a company that strongly believes detailing should be simple, and not complicated. With over two decades of research and development, 3D has established a solid name in environmentally friendly car wash and detailing products in the car care industry. Catering to the needs of beginners and professional detailers alike, 3D Car Care products utilize only the highest quality ingredients to deliver unmatched performance at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Washing Your Vehicle

Washing your vehicle is a tedious but rewarding task that keeps dust, dirt, and other contaminants from seeping into your paint and causing long-term damage. A good (and correct!) washing done weekly can save you from reparations and degradations to your paint. Having the right method and tools to wash your vehicle will keep swirls, scratches, and micro-marring to a minimum—if at all! 3D has developed the perfect products including 3D Pink Car Soap, 3D Waterless Car Wash, 3D Super Wheel Cleaner, and 3D Super Soap to give you the best washing results possible for your vehicle and paint! We suggest washing your tires and wheels first before moving to your paint and glass for optimum results.

Keep your car clean and protected from contaminants with these simple and effective products:

3D Pink Car Soap

3D Pink Car Soap is tough on dirt, but gentle on wax finishes. 3D Pink Car Soap will not remove wax coatings, making it an ideal choice for a weekly maintenance wash. This gentle car wash shampoo lifts away dirt and grime without scratching your paint. The thick suds produced by 3D Pink Car Soap are pH-balanced and rinses clean leaving no film behind. Super user-friendly, 3D Pink Car Soap is a pleasure to use and environmentally friendly!
3D Waterless Car Wash

3D Waterless Car Wash gives you an easy way to wash your car without needing any water. 3D Waterless Car Wash is ideal for those who live in areas that are prone to drought, have their vehicles in a storage area and need maintenance for dust accumulation, or just those who don’t feel like dragging out their buckets and hose. You can achieve a fresh wash to remove dirt, grease, and grime with the 3D Waterless Car Wash without compromising shine. 3D Waterless Car Wash leaves behind a sheen of gloss that will have you smiling at your reflection!
3D Super Soap

3D Super Soap is a high-foaming formula shampoo that encapsulates dirt and contaminants for easy removal from the surface of your vehicle. 3D Super Soap does not contain dangerous acids or alkalis that potentially cause damage to your paint or other surfaces. 3D Super Soap is a concentrated formula that can be diluted up to 1800:1, depending on the strength needed. We suggest starting out with ½ oz. per 5 gallons of water and going up to 1 oz. per 5 gallons if needed.
3D Super Wheel Cleaner

3D Super Wheel Cleaner removes oxidization, brake dust, dirt, grime, and other road contaminants that plague wheels. 3D Super Wheel Cleaner is a concentrated formula that is free of Hydrofluoric and Sulfuric acids that can cause permanent damage to certain wheel finishes. You won’t have to worry about losing your luster or finish with the safe and effective 3D Super Wheel Cleaner! We suggest starting off with a dilution ratio of 13:1—that’s 9.5 oz. of Super Wheel Cleaner per every 1 gallon of water. For tougher projects try 11:1—11.5 oz. of Super Wheel Cleaner to every 1 gallon of water. Don’t forget to agitate with a brush for those hard-to-remove spots!

Polishing & Buffing Your Vehicle

Car paint is not perfect. Whether it’s from the assembly line, the car dealership, or washing incorrectly, paint can have many contaminants and scarring that can be reversed with polishing and buffing. Scratches, scuffs, rub marks, micro-marring, etching, dust nibs, and orange peel are all common problems with a vehicle’s paint that need to be corrected. With 3D’s extensive line of compounds, polishes, and glazes, you are to sure to find the perfect match for your problem paint.
How do compounds & polishes work and how they are made

Ever wondered how automotive compounds and polishes work to remove paint defects? How they are made? Well in this video Mike Phillips and Tunch Goren, owner and chemist at 3D Professional Detailing Products, explain the process of making a great compound and polish and how they work to restore your car's paint to a high gloss.
How to Quickly Correct & Protect Your Car's Finish
Mike Philips and Tunch Goren, owner, chemist and founder of 3D Car Care Products take you along for the ride as they discuss 3 of the 3d Product line - SPEED, One and Poxy. No matter what condition your cars finish is in these products can get you the shine that you are looking for.
Heavy Scratch Removal with 3D

3D AAT Rubbing Compound is a silicone-free, body-shop safe polishing compound that is designed to annihilate 1000 grit sanding marks, swirls, scratches, water marks and other imperfections that hinder the gloss and color of your paint. Formulated using Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), 3D AAT Rubbing Compound removes the aforementioned defects without hazing or dulling the finish. As a matter of fact, 3D AAT Rubbing Compound finishes better than most fine-cut polishes!

3D AAT Finishing Polish is worth getting excited about. This fine-cut polish delivers a long, smooth buffing cycle that will leave you grinning from ear to ear by the time you finish your first section pass. Formulated using Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), 3D AAT Finishing Polish is capable of removing light swirl marks and DA haze from the softest paint systems while still delivering a flawless finish. 3D AAT Finishing Polish is silicone-free and body-shop safe.
3D HD Speed

3D HD Speed is an all-in-one cleaner, polish and sealant that will have your vehicle looking shiny, swirl-free and waxed in one step. HD Speed removes light to moderate surface scratches and swirl marks while refining the paint to create unmatched levels of shine for an all-in-one polish. HD Speed is great for those who want quick, minor paint correction with protection.
3D 505 Correction Glaze

3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze is an all-in-one product that will remove light swirls and scratches from your paint, while also using the power of Montan wax to protect against UV rays. 3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze is body-shop safe and is engineered for both fresh and cured paints. 3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze is designed to restore the luster of older paint, clear coat, or gel coated surfaces by providing a deep, wet gloss finish.

Waxing & Windows

Nothing compares to having a slick, shiny car that’s just been waxed and the windows cleaned to perfection. Plus, the added benefit of using carnauba or synthetic waxes and sealants to protect your paint from UV rays, environmental pollution, and moisture is a satisfying end to a perfect detail day. And you can’t forget your glass surfaces! They need just as much love which is why 3D has incorporated the perfect products into their line to help keep your glass clear and your paint protected.

Automotive ceramic coatings explained in depth - What they are and how they work

Mike Philips and Tunch Goren of 3D Professional Detailing Products take a very in-depth dive into the world of Ceramic Coatings and highlight the 3D Ceramic Coating and One polish products.
3D Carnauba Wax

3D Carnauba Wax is the perfect topper to finish off any detailing job to a perfect deep gloss! Made with real carnauba, 3D Carnauba Wax is easy to work with and apply thanks to its creamy formulation that makes it much easier to spread! 3D Carnauba Wax is entirely non-abrasive, meaning you won’t have to worry about instilling any scratches in the paint in the process of finishing it out.
3D HD Poxy

3D HD Poxy is a hybrid paint sealant and wax that forms a molecular bond to painted surfaces to create a long lasting durable shine. The montan wax in HD Poxy darkens the appearance of your wax to produce the ultimate “wet look.” HD Poxy is a thick cream that spreads thin and removes with very little elbow grease. Protect your vehicle’s paint for the long haul with HD Poxy.
3D Super Glass Cleaner

3D Super Glass Cleaner is a highly effective, industrial-strength product designed to equip the professional and enthusiast alike with the ideal tool to keep your glass practically invisible! The alcohol based, ammonia-free formula of 3D Super Glass Cleaner will ensure that you can use it on any type of glass, even tinted glass, and still receive the same incredible results. 3D Super Glass Cleaner is formulated to be resistant to streaking, fogging, and smudging, to ensure that you get the best clarity possible. The usefulness of 3D Super Glass Cleaner doesn’t stop at glass though! You can also use 3D Super Glass Cleaner to clean your headlights and any plastic surfaces as well!