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3D HD Wash

3D HD WashGently cleans, shines and protects

3D HD Wash is a luxurious auto shampoo that combines paint-lubricating polymers with real carnauba wax, creating a shampoo that cleans and renews the shine on your vehicle. HD Wash is fortified with a blend of pH-balanced polymers and European glossing agents that protect your paint from wash-induced scratches while depositing a clear layer of protection.

HD Wash is two products is one! As your wash mitt effortless glides across the surface thanks to the super slick lubricating polymers, a layer of real wax protection is deposited that protects your vehicle while working to keep it cleaner in between washes. HD Wash keeps your car looking its absolute best every time you wash it.

HD Wash is pH-balanced, so it will not strip delicate carnauba wax coatings. It does the complete opposite, actually; vehicles that are regularly washed with HD Wash will maintain their gloss and protection for longer periods of time. HD Wash will get the most longevity out of your wax or sealant of choice.

HD Wash smells great, and it only takes an ounce to wash your entire vehicle. With a dilution ratio of 1 ounce of shampoo for every 3 gallons of water, a single bottle of HD Wash will last several months. Do the math, and HD Wash turns out to be one of the best bargains available!

16 oz.


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