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3D HD Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit

3D HD Nitro Seal Paint Sealant KitTake your vehicle’s paint to the next level with Nitro Seal

3D HD Nitro Seal is state-of-the-art two part copolymer paint sealant system that is easy enough for users of all skill levels to enjoy! HD Nitro Seal provides long lasting paint protection along with a super slick, glossy shine. By mixing two parts together, a super hydrophobic paint sealant is created that forms a hard coating of protection on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. Not only is HD Nitro Seal one of the best paint sealants you’ll ever apply to your vehicle, but it’s fun to use as well.

HD Nitro Seal is comprised of two parts:

Part A is an aminofunctional fluid group and Part B is a hybrid Montan wax composite. Part A provides excellent surface affinity and spreadability through its incredible wetting feature (that’s why a little goes a long way), thus anchoring the product to the car paint.

3D HD Nitro Seal is available exclusively in this money-saving kit. With the kit you receive Part A and Part B plus a handful of specially designed applicators, towels, and a detailed instruction sheet.

This patent-pending paint sealant system makes it easier than ever to protect your vehicle against the elements of nature. Protect your paint with the best and apply HD Nitro Seal to your vehicle.

Kit Contains:
1 HD Nitro Seal Part A
1 HD Nitro Seal Part B
1 Red Applicator
1 Black Applicator
1 Microfiber Towel
1 Latex Glove
1 Instruction Sheet