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3D HD Adapt 128 oz.

The world’s first polish with adaptive abrasive technology

3D HD Adapt is a multi-surface compounding polish that features specially engineered micro abrasives that effortlessly adapt to correct, polish and restore perfection to your vehicle’s delicate clear coat finish. This unique abrasive technology is called Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), and HD Adapt is the only product of its kind to feature this new technology. The amount of cut is completely dependent on the pad and type of machine.

HD Adapt is the most versatile polishing compound available. HD Adapt uses a combination of unique micro abrasive technologies that increase the amount of cut and the quality of the finish depending on the pad and tool used to apply the product. If your goal is to level moderate imperfections, use Adapt with a polishing foam pad; for less cut or to use Adapt as a finishing polish, use a finishing foam pad.

HD Adapt quickly levels paint imperfections without scouring or hazing the finish. Use Adapt with a rotary or dual action polisher. Its unique formula is silicone free, making it safe to use in body shops. Detailers will love how effortless Adapt wipes off without creating any troublesome dust or oily residue.

Use HD Adapt to correct any type of paint system, hard or soft. HD Adapt will create unmatched clarity for the amount of cut it provides. What you see is what you get with HD Adapt – this versatile polishing compound contains no wax, silicone or fillers that mask imperfections.

128 oz.

3D HD Adapt 128 oz.

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3D HD Adapt 128 oz.