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3D Cherry Wax 16 oz.

3D Cherry Wax 16 oz.

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The wax chosen by thousands of car washes!

3D Cherry Wax is an easy-on-easy-off wax that carries with it a pleasant cherry aroma that is sure to leave your garage and your car smelling better than ever before! 3D Cherry Wax contains specialized polymers that greatly increases the gloss and shine of solid, dark colors. 3D Cherry Wax generates a durable shield of protection over your cars paint that will act as a barrier against the many hazards and contaminants that threaten your car daily. The liquid consistency of 3D Cherry Wax makes getting the perfect application of product a breeze! With the versatility to be applied either by machine or my hand, you will be equipped with the perfect wax for all detailing jobs!

One of the main facets of car detailing is applying protection products to the paint to make sure that the paint keeps that incredible gloss that you spent hours tweezing out of your paint. If you do not apply a durable layer of protection to your paint after you buff it to a high shine, the contaminants, dirt, and hazards to which your car is exposed to will get the better of that glossy protection. Once that happens, it is only a short time later that you will start to notice a slew of scratches, swirls, and various other defects pop up on your car’s paint. That is why it is so important that you not only repeatedly and consistently apply protection to lock in all the effort you put into your paint!

3D Cherry Wax is a great choice in protection for those of you that are looking for a wax that is easy to use and will go a much farther than you’d expect! 3D Cherry Wax creates a durable outer shell around your car, making the surface more hydrophobic and also acting as a barrier to prevent those contaminants from etching or growing their roots into your car’s precious clear coat! Not only will 3D Cherry Wax provide you with some durable protection, but it will also vamp up the gloss and shine on your paint to unbelievable levels! Especially when it is used on darker codes paints, 3D Cherry Wax will bring out the bright and vibrant color that you spent hours gently and methodically instilling into your paint. This gloss will far out-surpass many other waxes you’ve used in the past based on the level of gloss it gives you alone!

While these two qualities are the most important factors to take into account, they are far from the only considerations. You should also take into account the application process of a wax as well, and there is no easier application process than that of 3D Cherry Wax. With an easy to spread and easy to buff formula, 3D Cherry Wax will be one of the most pleasant waxes you’ve ever applied. Couple that with the liquid formula that makes it much easier to get the perfect amount of wax every time, and you will struggle to find yourself reaching for a different wax in the future!

Always shake well before each use. Start by washing and drying your car surface. Ensure the paint is out of direct sunlight and cool to the touch. Using a foam applicator (hand- application) or a soft finishing foam buffing pad (machine-application), work in 2’x2’ sections and spread 3D Cherry Wax out evenly across the surface. Allow the product to dry to a haze before using a dry, clean microfiber towel to buff to a high gloss.

16 oz.

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A staple in any wax collection
Just gets the job done with that ease of use and warm results. Not the longest lasting but that's not the point. It is so easy to apply, you just top it up as needed. Use a foam buffer pad to apply and a buffer pad to remove. Simple and done.
Very similar to Poxy, slightly more waxy.
Not greasy, cakey, dusty. Feels a lot like Poxy, but slightly more waxy. Comes off just as well. The best compliment I can give this product is that I can remove it without flipping over my microfiber towel. You can easily do 2-3 panels before buffing off.
ProsVery easy off, quick to use, somewhat forgiving on rubber trim (though I don't aim for it), similar to Poxy, smells better than a lot of products