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> 3D Bug Remover - 128 oz.

3D Bug Remover - 128 oz.

3D Bug Remover - 128 oz.Bug remover is an enzyme based spray product that breaks down and loosens bugs. It is safe for the paint, plastics and windows. If you live where you get a lot of bugs plastering the front of your vehicle, 3D Bug Remover will loosen the gunk and bug guts. This product works best when surface is not hot. You could use a long handled brush with the Bug remover to scrub the bugs free of the grill of your vehicle. We also have a specialized bug sponge. You may want to pick up a few microfiber towels and Waterless carwash to assist with the task. If you are buying a gallon, don't forget to get a OSHA spray bottle and a sprayer.

This product makes removing your bug guts a whole lot easier. Let it sit on the surface for a little while, about a minute or two; wait a few minutes for the BUG REMOVER to actually go in and eat up some of the proteins of the bugs. Avoid using this product in the direct sunlight. Try to do it in your garage and then it can either wash it off with a pressure washer, your garden hose, use some pink car soap, neutralize it or you could use 3D waterless car wash.