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3D Bead It Up

3D Bead It Up

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Donít be defeated, just bead it!

3D Bead It Up is the super hydrophobic polymer sealant you have been waiting for. Easy-to-use, 3D Bead It Up is a spray-on and wipe-off product that will make your surfaces feel slicker than ever. 3D Bead It Up is safe to use on paint, glass, trim and wheels, while also acting as a ceramic coating booster. No need to worry about bird droppings, water spots or bug guts on your clear coat with the durable layer of protection 3D Bead It Up creates.

Nothing looks better than a shiny and sleek car. No matter what kind of car you have or how old it is, a shiny car is a happy car. Having a hydrophobic surface will help keep that surface nice and sleek thanks to water beading capabilities and a protective surface will keep the surface looking that way longer. All of these are characteristics you can expect out of 3D Bead It Up!

3D Bead It Up uses polymer-based surfactants that will create slicker surfaces than you ever thought possible. This sleek surface will not only look and feel good, but it will also bead up water with itís hydrophobic power. Because of the cross-bonding technology used, 3D Bead It Up will create a smooth and durable layer of protection. This layer of protection will shield your exterior surfaces from bug guts, bird droppings, water spots and other contaminants. Even better, 3D Bead It Up also works as a ceramic coating booster, allowing for double the water beading power.

3D Bead It Up is as powerful as it is easy-to-use. This product comes in the convenience of a spray and has the ever-simple spray-on, wipe off method. All you need to use 3D Bead It Up is the product itself and a few microfiber towels!

-Make sure to wash and dry vehicle before applying.
-Spray on and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.
-For best results, its recommended to clay the vehicle before applying.
-If possible do not expose vehicle to water as Bead It Up takes up to 24 hours to full cure.

16 oz.

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Quite a Good Product
For the money, this is a great topper for any ceramic coating. You will want to detox and clay bar before applying unless somehow, your surface is completely clean.

It is a little prone to high spots and smudges, so you have to start wiping vigorously right away and not try to treat too large an area.

You could almost use this like a detailer at this price.
Pros- The price is incredible for what you get. And it goes a long way.
Cons- A little tough to work with if you're not careful. Work in small sections and work fast - don't let it sit long.
Brooklyn, NY
Beads....beads and beads
Definitely take advice from the directions.... clay first... it does cure better and last longer, Lasted through a snowy, salty winter so far...
Durable, Slick, Glossy
Made it through a pretty potent Michigan winter, which makes it fill my requirements.

Great water beading that rolls easily off the finish.

Very substantive liquid, on the thicker side. Spreads easily and wipes off easily without streaking.

Perfect to follow final polishing with ACA 520. 3D ONE, etc.
ProsVery durable Very slick Great beading, and repellency Excellent fruity scent Very easy application and removal Incredibly affordable
Use it
If your gonna spend the time and money in detailing your ride. Then take care of it and this product will help maintain your protection and itís longevity.