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303 Spot Cleaner

Use this multi-purpose cleaner from 303 to keep your interior free of stubborn stains.

I normally stop at the convenience store on my way into the Autogeek to pick up an orange juice and a muffin. One day I decided to change things up and buy grape juice instead of orange juice. I’m sure you can guess where this is going! Needless to say, I had a klutzy moment and dropped the grape juice, so it splattered all over my freshly detailed dash and carpeting…my light tan carpeting. Luckily I had my 303 Spot Cleaner tucked away in the trunk, along with a Microfiber Applicator Pad. 303 is the maker of the best selling Aerospace Protectant, a lifesaver in the car care industry. I sprayed the Spot Cleaner over the grape juice stain, and like magic it was removed, leaving my plush, tan carpeting looking brand new again. Here are features of this cleaner that make it a necessary addition to your cleaning armory:

Quickly removes difficult stains from interior carpets using 303 Spot CleanerColloidal Cleaning Action: Colloidal action was first used be scientists to break up particles in oil from oil slicks in our oceans. The oil literally would dissolve in the water. Think of this cleaning action in terms of the reaction of the atom in an atomic explosion. The atoms in the colloid lift, separate and hold in suspension the oils, grease, dust, and soils which have been penetrated. This breakthrough allows the ultra-wet water to hold grease, dirt, and oil in suspension, allowing them to dissolve within the water. It removes the most stubborn, impossible stains which may occur on your carpeting, upholstery, canvas and any other water-safe fabrics.

303 Spot Cleaner Keeps carpets looking newNo Soaps or Detergents: Unlike many cleaners, this product is soap and detergent free. In addition, it is phosphate, nitrates, enzymes, and VOC free. This product rinses clear, leaving no residue behind.

Versatile: You can use 303 Spot Cleaner on flooring, carpeting, fabric car seats, indoor furniture and carpeting, pet beds, curtains, fabric tablecloths, boating upholstery, canvas boat and sail covers, and any other fabric that is water safe! We love a product that works just as well in the house as it does for car detailing, and this one tops the list!

Your 303 Spot Cleaner is packaged in a 16 oz spray bottle. We recommend you use the Microfiber Applicator Pad with this product.

Here are a few commonly asked questions that we have answered about this product:

Q: I’m a salesman, and I spend about 80% of my time on the road. You know what that means…fast food meals. If I’m juggling driving with eating, I often end up with either oil or soda stains on my lap and on my car seat. Will this product work well on food grease?

A: Absolutely! This product was first demonstrated on ocean oil slicks, so lifting and removing food grease is a piece of cake!

Thanks for the grape juice story, I can really relate to how horrible it is to see a stain like that on your light colored carpeting. My daughter is still in the formidable years, and when traveling my wife will give her a spill proof cup of cherry juice. The problem is that it isn’t spill proof! Usually I catch a spill right when it happens, but I did find some stains the other day that may have been sitting for a few weeks. Will this cleaner lift older stains?

A: 303 Spot Cleaner will lift any stain, of any age. It’s always best to clean them when they are fresh, but you will not have any trouble bringing back the look of a freshly detailed carpet if you use the cleaner weeks after a spill.

16 oz.

This item cannot be shipped via air due to FAA regulations. It ships by ground service only.

303 Spot Cleaner

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54% Recommend this product (7 of 13 responses)
Gardena, CA
Very Good!
Autogeek's pricing for this can't be beaten. The product itself is very good as it removes years-old stain (with some agitation) without much effort.
North Ridgeville, OHIO
Dog Slobber is no Match
After a trip to Tennessee with the family and the dog. The dog got Slobber on the seats of my Truck. Used this to remove the Slobber, and I was very impressed with how well worked compared to other cleaners.
Amazing results
I've used this cleaner for years to remove stains in carpet, upholstery, and headliner with exceptional results. Love it!
Hampton, Virginia
303 Spot Cleaner Works!
I utilized this product on a bench seat that had twenty years of funk. Initially, I spent half a day scrubbing with other products and carpet cleaner. That combination failed to achieve the desired result. Frustration set in and I contemplated purchasing a new seat. I decided to give 303 Spot Cleaner a try. The results were outstanding. It eliminated twenty years of set in stains in a matter of minutes!
ProsWorks as advertised!
Bentonville, Arkansas
My car was transported from east to central, and once I got it, the interior was awful. It looked like it went through a mechanic! There was lots of spots & dirt every where! And the seats are made of fabric/cloth, not leather or expensive. Initially I tried to brush it off, but only dust was removed. So my hunting began, and finally zeroed in on 303 product, after reading many online reviews. The product arrived on time, in a big box full of papers :), so that the bottle will not be pressed during shipping. Spent around 3 hours during a weekend, to clean the interior & I am amazed how clean & spotless my seats are now. It looks like fresh from factory! On the spots I have to apply like a wet spot & clean it up using brush (like you brush your teeth :)) and applied on other areas to clean up uniformly. This product is more worth than what it seems.
Pros- cleans perfectly - removes spots - no odor (smell) - easy to apply
Cons- nothing!