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1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant Tiefenpfleger

1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant Tiefenpfleger

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Patented, weather-resistant protection for tires and trim!

1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant cleans, restores and protects all exterior vinyl and plastic components such as fenders, the front fascia, plastic trim, vinyl cabriolet tops, and rubber components such as tires, producing a temperature-resistant seal and a low-shine satin finish. Dust-resistant! 1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant retards the fading effects of UV rays to keep exterior rubber and vinyl looking like new.

1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant is a petroleum-free, water-based formula, patented for its superior long-term protective properties and wash- and weather-resistant features that prevents streaking. Therefore, UV and other protective properties remain. 1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant is durability tested for use in car wash systems.

1Z Vinyl Rubber Care & Protectant restores a like-new appearance to exterior trim
Restores a like-new appearance to all plastic, rubber and vinyl exterior trim.
1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant stands up to the daily rigors of driving and weather. The patented protectant literally creates a water-resistant seal on rubber and vinyl that blocks out the environment. This seal will not wash off in car washes or in the rain. It’s that durable!

Unlike many exterior dressings, 1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant is petroleum-free. What that means for your vehicle is a clean, satin finish that does not attract dust! Water-based protectants are far better for rubber and vinyl because they preserve the supple texture of the material. Petroleum can leach out the plasticizers over time, which causes premature aging of rubber and vinyl. 1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant preserves the plasticizers to keep rubber and vinyl supple and looking newer.

1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant is also great for use on interior components such as the dashboard and door panels. It provides interior vinyl and rubber surfaces with the same durable protection as it does on exterior trim and moldings. Protect your door panels, dash, and moldings with an attractive, low-shine finish that lasts and lasts.

You can depend on the durable, water-based protection of 1Z Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care and Protectant.

16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml)

Made in Germany

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Sacramento, California
1Z Enszett Rubber Care and Protectnat Tienfenplger
This product is the best. Easy to apply and if you have not taken care of your vinyl, this product will bring back the original shine and will protect. Also, this 2 in one, for rubber and vinyl. Great Product and Fast Delivery from Auto Greek.
Very nice
A fairly versatile product that looks excellent upon application. It fades some after about a week if you get lots of rain but still looks great. After a few weeks or a month it fades further but compared against many products in the same conditions it's still a good buy.
Real deal, tried everything
For black exterior plastic, nothing better, tried the last best known treatment Plexus, never lasted and black plastic still turned out some white in areas (not bumped with wax though), just not that good, but this 1Z Vinyl-Rubber protectant work, it just works!! I was hesitant but after a year it was still protecting and beading and black plastic was still more black then Plexus ever achieved. After retreat the plastic looked more black than my black painted body panels. Now used on tires, and inside plastic and weather strips with the same results. In my 50's and about time I found something good!!!
The best!!!
I use this on my vinyl dash and trim. The finish that's left behind on all vinyl is soft and elegant, i love it. 1Z is the only protectant i use for the interior in my cars.
Great stuff
This stuff is great. I used it on the rubber and plastic molding around the windows on my truck. It works better than any product I've tried, and I've tried literally dozens. It leaves a great non greasy look, doesn't streak, and is pretty durable. I try other products some times but keep coming back to this.