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1Z Einszett Leather Care

One step leather care for finished leather upholstery!

1Z Einszett Leather Care is formulated to specifically address the care and maintenance of finished leather. Its gentle formula utilizes special cleaners and natural waxes to clean and condition the surface to prevent cracking and maintain leather’s natural luster.

Today, many leather producers treat leather with a protective finish to prevent everyday wear and tear and add overall longevity. This process results in finished leather. While finished leather requires less care than aniline leather, it still requires attention to keep it looking new.

1Z Einszett Leather Care is designed to treat finished leather in just one step. Use it on interior car fittings, motorcycle cladding, handbags, and boots. 1Z Einszett Leather Care easily removes dirt, grease, and body oil from the finish without leaving a greasy film.

High-quality ingredients in 1Z Einszett Leather Care protect the leather surface from becoming brittle and restore the leather to its original softness. 1Z Einszett Leather Care does not leave powdery residue around stitching or on perforated leather. Leather seats will look clean, soft, and well-maintained.

1Z Einszett Leather Care is all you need to care for finished leather upholstery. Cleaners and protective agents treat the leather in one easy step!

Not for use on suede, nude leathers, or full analine leather (unfinished leather).

250 ml (8.5 fl oz)

1Z Einszett Leather Care

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1Z Einszett Leather Care
4 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Kerry Stidham
san diego, calif
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Leather care
June 5, 2015
Have not used it enough to experience results that I may relate, however, seems to apply easy and clean leather as advertised.
Smells good and easy to apply

4 Stars

February 17, 2013
For a long time this was the best possible product for protecting car's leather interiors. This product is different than most all "conditioners". As this is a leather protector , not conditioner. It dries completely and repels water, transfer and stains. I Feel that this product is better than any product you could buy OTC at your average car care store. It also cleans fairly well and smells very refreshing but its not overpowering. If your seats are very dirty, you are gonna want to clean them first. I wouldnt call the product glossy. It leaves a fairly matt finish, especially when compared to OTC products, but you could tell it has been applied. all in all I really like the concept of this product as its an AIO that actually protects and seals the leather. its not just an oily conditioner with UV protection that does zero for stains, and transfer.

3 Stars

Good product
November 16, 2011
I really like this product. For awhile now I've been using UIGP on my finished leather but still occasionally use this. I love the bit of leather scent it leaves behind and it cleans just a but as well. A bit overpriced though and a tad glossy compared to my go to product.

4 Stars

Good Finish
September 17, 2010
I like this dressing becuase it does not create a glossy finish. It restores leather to like-new appearance without that slimey aftermarket look. Be careful and apply a thin coat on black and dark leathers.

Ronson P. Quarrles
5 Stars

Want a Matte Leather Finish?
November 17, 2009
Most products make your leather look shiney or reek like fake leather or both. This stuff does neither. Its not a strong cleaner so you will want to clean your seats prior, however the finish it leaves looks 100% OEM and it has a nice very light fresh scent that dissapates in minutes leaving your car smelling like it did from the factory. The finish it leaves is very matte, in fact, it will restore slightly shiney leather back to its matte state. If you want no gloss leather protection, this is it!