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Why you NEED that Car Cover you've been debating about...

A car is a big investment; for many, the biggest investment you'll make besides a home. Whether you live in a cold or hot climate, keep it outside or in, drive it or don't drive it, you can't keep it completely sheltered from exposure to the elements, dust and even potential thieves. Covercraft makes a wide selection of car covers to help you do just that.

There's nothing like the hot summer sun to fade paint, crack rubber and destroy plastic and vinyl auto interiors. Winter snow can devastate the finish on your prized investment. Covercraft can help. With a cover for almost any weather condition and storage situation, there's no reason to let your car or truck bear the elements alone.

Many drivers spend countless hours applying waxes and protectants to their vehicles, but they overlook the most obvious solution: Cover it! A car cover will not only protect the vehicle itself, it will preserve all the fine detailing you put into your vehicle.

Covercraft has been protecting vehicles since 1965. Today they offer over 55,000 patterns to custom fit virtually any vehicle ever made. Since each pattern is based on the exact measurements of a given vehicle, you can be sure that your custom-made car cover will fit your vehicle.

Covercraft makes car covers for virtually any vehicle!

In addition to patterns, Covercraft currently offers 12 different fabrics. Each one is designed to meet your specific needs, no matter where you live and how often you drive your vehicle. The fabrics are listed below.

Who Should Use A Car Cover?

Everyone! You don't have to drive an expensive or collectible car to own a car cover. Car covers are a practical way to protect any vehicle.

Many of Covercraft's fabrics are lightweight and some can even be washed in your washing machine at home! They are not cumbersome or difficult to care for.

Covercraft features many different styles and fabrics, but these are our favorites:

The most water-resistant, yet breathable, barrier fabric money can buy.

CoverCraft has created NOAH, using the newest, state-of-the-art production technology. Three high-tech materials are ultrasonically bonded. The protective outer layer is a bi-component created for strength and softness.

A silver-gray color was selected for its heat-resistant properties. The fabric is also treated with UV inhibitors for extended outdoor use. The middle layer is micro-porous breathable film with holes that are smaller than droplets of water or dust, yet large enough to allow moisture vapor to escape.

The NOAH Car Cover features:

1. Protective Outer Layer
2. Micro-Porous Middle Layer
3. Soft, Paint-Protecting Inner Layer
4. Double stitched overlapped seams
5. Neoprene elastic hems
6. Reinforced, non-scratch grommets

This microscopic image of the NOAH fabric shows three distinct layers with smaller, denser fibers in the innermost layer.

RECOMMENDED USE: As its name implies, NOAH fabric is the most water resistant of all of CoverCraft fabrics. It is a great outdoor cover, particularly in areas prone to wet weather. Use it for occasional or long-term, outdoor or indoor storage.

Lightweight sun protection!

Covercraft's Reflec'tect car cover fabric offers excellent UV protection in a light, easy to handle car cover. The fabric is water-resistant and repels dirt and dust. Keep your vehicle clean and cool when it's parked. The Reflec'tect car cover is convenient enough to use every day. Take it off, fold it up, and stow it in the trunk.

The Reflec'tect car cover is made of UV-reflective silver, woven fabric that reflects UV rays to keep the vehicle cooler. The cover is mildew resistant and breathable to allow any moisture to escape from underneath the cover. That, combined with the cover's soft touch, make the Reflec'tect car cover a great choice for all seasons.

The Reflec'tect Car Cover features:

1. Moisture Resistance
2. Breathable
3. Dust / Pollution Barrier
4. Double stitched overlapped seams
5. Neoprene elastic hems
6. Reinforced, non-scratch grommets

RECOMMENDED USE: The Reflec'tect car cover is good for indoor or outdoor car storage. The reflective silver finish reflects sunlight to keep the vehicle cooler when stored outside. The cover is dust-resistant, making it perfect for indoor storage as well. Use the cover daily to keep the vehicle cleaner and cooler.

The ultimate fabric for intense sun environments.

Thanks to its unique construction process, Sunbrella provides protection and years of service in intense sun areas, like Arizona and other areas of the sun-belt, where UV rays will rapidly degrade the paint and interior. Because of the use of acrylic fibers, which are naturally UV resistant, Sunbrella has long been the recognized leader in long-wearing marine fabrics for bimini tops, sail covers and deck enclosures. Chances are, if you have a bimini top, you have a Sunbrella product.

Besides marine uses, Sunbrella is also used for commercial awnings due to its ability in providing UV blockage with a rich, woven finish. The acrylic fibers are solution dyed, before the fabric is woven, to assure the color goes all the way through the fabric. Using a special finish process, the material is then softened for use as a car cover fabric. The fabric is exceptionally strong and, coupled with its UV resistance; it also makes an excellent cover for RV's and trailers that spend extended time outside.

The Sunbrella Car Cover features:

1. Long Lasting Strength
2. Fade Resistant
3. Water Resistant
4. Rot, Mildew Resistant
5. Neoprene elastic hems
6. Reinforced, non-scratch grommets

RECOMMENDED USE: This cover is designed specifically for intense sun environments, like Arizona, Florida, or other Sunbelt states. The lightweight Sunbrella fabric is ideal for everyday use or for long-term outdoor storage.

While those are OUR top picks by CoverCraft, be sure to check out the full line up and find out what works for you!

Click on the image below to see a full-sized chart comparing each fabric and design to find out the best cover for your
individual needs.

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