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Zymol Japon Wax

Zymol Japon WaxThe best wax to use on your car with soft paint!

Zymol Japon Wax was formulated and designed to cater to the extremely soft paint system that is commonly found on cars manufactured in Japan. The formula of Zymol Japon Wax was created using a careful combination of carnauba wax, nourishing oils, and drying agents that allow Zymol Japon Wax to not only provide a glorious shine on your paint, but also ensure that said shine lasts for months to come. Zymol Japon Wax contains 37% Brazillian No. 1 Yellow Carnauba by volume which ensures not only a brilliant gloss, but also a high-quality protection level. Not matter what color paint your vehicle has, Zymol Japon Wax will allow you to achieve the results of your dreams.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to those of you who have plenty of detailing experience under your belt, but different automotive manufactures use different paint systems when manufacturing their vehicles. The use of different paint systems causes the hardness of the paint to vary depending on the brand of car you have. German automotive manufacturers tend to have a paint system that leaves the paint extremely hard and difficult to scratch or correct. However, Japanese automotive manufacturers typically fall on the other end of the spectrum of paint hardness. Some car manufactured by brands like Toyota, Honda, and Lexus will become riddled with scratches and swirls if you so much as look at them too hard. Zymol Japon Wax was designed with a dedicated focus on providing proper protection for vehicles that have extremely sensitive paint.

In order to ensure Zymol Japon Wax would be able to provide this demanding level of protection potential, Zymol formulated it with a strong and durable combination of carnauba wax, coconut oil, banana oil, montan oil, and bee propolis. Not only will this unique blend of ingredients form an extremely hard layer of protection to your paint surface, they will also not degrade nearly as quick as some of the alternatives on the market today. Zymol Japon Wax is sure to keep your paint protected for months after application.

The most important ingredient in the formulation of a strong and durable car wax is the carnauba wax itself. Carnauba carries the majority of the weight when it comes to withstanding the dangerous environmental hazards your paint must face on a daily basis. It is important that your car wax not only contains enough carnauba in its formula, but also that the carnauba used is of a high enough quality to provide the necessary level of protection. Zymol Japon Wax contains 37% carnauba by volume, putting it on the higher end of the spectrum for carnauba by volume. Not only does Zymol Japon Wax contain a high amount of carnauba, the carnauba it contains is Brazillian No. 1 Yellow Carnauba, one of the highest-grade types of carnauba used in detailing products. You can always rest assured that Zymol Japon Wax will protect the sensitive paint of your more fragile vehicles.

1. Wash the vehicle using Zymol Clear Auto Bathe; dry thoroughly using a Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel.
2. Prepare the surface for proper wax bonding using Zymol HD-Cleanse.
3. Use a foam wax applicator to apply a thin layer of wax over an area approximately 2 feet by 2 feet.
4. Use a clean dry microfiber towel to buff away the residue, leaving a high gloss shine behind.

8 oz.