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Zymol HD-Cleanse

Zymol HD-CleanseMakes sure you get the most out of your wax!

Zymol HD-Cleanse is a pre-wax cleanser that will ensure your paint is perfected and properly prepped to maximize both the adherence and performance of your choice of car wax. Zymol HD-Cleanse eliminates imperfections such as light oxidation, light scratches, road film, and other environmental contaminants that break up the perfect glossy finish your paint should have prior to applying you last standing product. Zymol HD-Cleanse contains nourishing oils that will refresh the natural shine of your paint before you lock the shine in with your car wax. Zymol HD-Cleanse was formulated to have an extremely creamy consistency, making it a breeze to apply this product evenly time after time.

While weekly washes are an important step to ensure that you maintain smooth and glossy paint, they are not the only step that is necessary. Simply washing your paint with water and your choice of shampoo will not be able to remove all of the contaminants and defects that are in your paint. In fact, the washing process tends to instill more defects into your paint. It is important to use a product that will be able to take your paint cleansing process to the next level and ensure that the imperfections that are missed by your washing process are adequately removed. Zymol HD-Cleanse has a unique formula consisting of various natural oils that will make quick work of the minor scratches, swirls, and marring in your paint to finish it off with a perfect glossy finish.

Wax is not nearly as picky as a ceramic coating is when it comes to surface preparation requirements, but it does tend to look better and last longer on a surface that is properly prepared. There are contaminants and defects that may exist on your paint that will affect how well your wax bonds with the surface of your paint. The strength and evenness of the bond between a wax and your paint determines the quality of the results you get out of your chosen car wax. Zymol HD-Cleanse will work quickly to remove the contaminants and imperfections in your paint to ensure that your wax will bond with it as strongly as possible.

It is a pretty commonly known fact in the detailing world that the more viscous a product is, the longer the work time of the product and the easier it is to apply it evenly with promising results. Zymol HD-Cleanse has an extremely creamy formula that will allow you plenty of time to work the product into your paint to ensure high quality results every time.

1. Always work on a surface that is clean, dry, and cool to the touch. Work out of direct sunlight.
2. Using a clean microfiber applicator pad, apply a liberal amount of product over the surface; work an area approximately 2-3 square feet.
3. Use medium to heavy pressure to work to product over the surface until it starts to feel tacky.
4. Use a celan, dry microfiber towel to buff away residue.

8.5 oz.