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Zymol Cleaner Wax

Zymol Cleaner Wax Perfect and protect at the same time!

Zymol Cleaner Wax will allow you to correct the minor scratches, swirls, and other imperfections in your vehicle’s paint and apply a durable layer of protection to prevent future damage all in one easy step. Zymol Cleaner Wax is formulated using a healthy blend of mild abrasives, carnauba, and beeswax that allows it to perform this wonderful, time saving feat. The abrasives in Zymol Cleaner Wax are strong enough to be able to eliminate minor imperfections like washing scratches and swirls that tend to find their way onto your paint in between waxings, but these abrasives are not aggressive enough to cause any marring in the process, leaving you with an immaculate finish. At the same time, the carnauba and beeswax works to form a hard, durable layer of protection that will also supply a deep, warm gloss for your car’s paint.

When you are working to perfect your paint, doing a long multi-step process can be quite cumbersome and often unnecessary if you take proper care of your paint and wash it regularly. If you are part of the population that details their vehicle regularly, there is no need to worry about going through the lengthy and time-consuming process of a multi-step detailing; you can simply use a cleaner wax instead. A cleaner wax, sometimes referred to as an “all-in-one”, is a product that will be able to correct minor swirls and scratches and apply a layer of protection to your vehicle at the same time. Zymol Cleaner Wax is a quality product that is capable of performing the same impressive task of perfecting your paint and protecting it from future damage.

Zymol Cleaner Wax is able to accomplish this task due to the combination of abrasives, carnauba, and beeswax. The abrasives contained in Zymol Cleaner Wax are able to toe the fine line of being aggressive enough to correct the damage that your paint incurs throughout the week while not being so aggressive that they instill even more marring in the paint in the process. While these abrasives are performing the important task of correcting the damage, the carnauba and beeswax are working hard to create a layer of protection in the process. This layer of protection will reduce the chance of damage such as washing scratches or contamination swirls digging their way into your paint in the future.

Not only will Zymol Cleaner Wax be able to correct and protect your paint, the carnauba in the formula will provide a brilliant shine in the process to ensure that your paint will always turn heads as your drive down the road.

1. Use a clean microfiber applicator pad with straight line side-to-side motion to apply a generous amount to an area approximately 2 feet by 3 feet.
2. Use a medium to heavy pressure until the surface begins to feel tacky.
3. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to buff away residue.

Zymol Cleaner Wax can also be applied using a foam finishing/polishing pad on a dual action polisher.

16 oz.