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Zymol Carbon Wax

Zymol Carbon WaxMakes your dark paint pop!

Zymol Carbon Wax was formulated by Zymol specifically to callow you to get the best gloss and shine possible when you apply a wax to your dark-colored paint. Zymol Carbon Wax is able to offer such a brilliant shine due to the high carnauba by volume of its formula and the grade of the carnauba used. Zymol Carbon Wax is formulated using an excellent combination of natural oils and carnauba to ensure that your vehicle not only receives the gloss it deserves, but also gets a durable layer of protect that ensures your vehicle will be able to withstand the harmful environmental hazards that commonly afflict a car’s paint.

Black paint is notorious for being one of the most difficult colors of paint to work on. This is due to the ease with which it scratches and the clarity of those scratches once they are in the paint. Correcting the paint alone can be quite a difficult process, not to mention bringing it to an even and immaculate shine after you do get the scratches out. In order to get the shine you want to get when working on black paint, you need to apply a product that has the carnauba quality and content to be able to accentuate the dark color of your paint. Zymol Carbon Wax is formulated using one of the highest-quality types of carnauba that is available. Zymol Carbon Wax is formulated using Brazillian No. 1 Yellow Carnuaba, which is world renown for the depth of the gloss it provides and the duration of the protection is will apply to your paint. If it were not already enough that Zymol Carbon Wax contains such a high quality of carnauba, it also boasts an amazing 37% carnauba by volume rating!

A wax does not only need to be able to provide a brilliant shine, it also needs to be able to provide a high level of protection that your vehicle needs to be able to stand up to the extremely harmful environmental hazards to which it will be subject. These hazards carry a great amount of potential to do irreparable damage to your paint, so the wax you are using needs to be able to properly protect your paint under these conditions. Zymol Carbon Wax is formulated with a brilliant combination of nourishing coconut, banana, and Montan oil, high-grade carnauba, and bee propolis to create a durable shell over your paint that will protect your precious dark paint for months.

1. Wash the vehicle using Zymol Clear Auto Bathe; dry thoroughly using a Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel.
2. Prepare the surface for proper wax bonding using Zymol HD-Cleanse.
3. Use a foam wax applicator to apply a thin layer of wax over an area approximately 2 feet by 2 feet.
4. Use a clean dry microfiber towel to buff away the residue, leaving a high gloss shine behind.

8 oz.