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Wurth Eco Biological Odor Eliminator - Neutral

Wurth Eco Biological Odor Eliminator neutralizes odors by completely breaking down odor molecules. It permanently eliminates unpleasant odors, including smoke, and provides a long-lasting fresh smell.

Wurth Eco Odor Eliminator removes the toughest smells: smoke, mold, and mildew. It completely eliminates the odor at its source and will not release bad odors back into the air even when it dries. The odor molecules are completely destroyed, making it impossible for the odor to return!

The neutral scent doesn't add fragrance so your vehicle smells clean.

Wurth Eco Odor Eliminators are completely biodegradable and made from 100% sustainable resources. It is VOC-free, phosphate-free and completely soluble in water. Wurth Eco Odor Eliminator is a better choice for you and the environment.

Use Wurth Eco Odor Eliminator in your vehicle, home, office, boat cabin, and RV.

500 ml (16.9 oz.)

Wurth Eco Biological Odor Eliminator - Neutral

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Wurth Eco Biological Odor Eliminator - Neutral