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Wowo’s Clean Wheels

Wowo’s Clean WheelsBreak through grime for clean and fresh wheels!

Wowo’s Clean Wheels is a highly concentrated formula that easily cuts through brake dust and grime, leaving your wheels clean and fresh. Wowo’s Clean Wheels is also specially formulated with rust inhibitors that help protect your wheels in the future. Wowo’s Clean Wheels can be diluted to different amounts for different cleaning standards. Safe even on rubber tires, Wowo’s Clean Wheels is a safe, non-acidic formula that is also easy-to-use.

Your wheels collect pretty much everything your car rolls over. This can be anything from grime and mud to dirt and brake dust. Just because your wheels are forced to take the burden of the environmental factors, doesn’t mean that have to stay dirty, not with Wowo’s Clean Wheels.

Wowo’s Clean Wheels attacks the contaminants that are wreaking havoc on your wheels. Coming in a thick, long dwelling foam Wowo’s Clean Wheels is perfect for foam sprayers. This thick foam tackles environmental contaminants such as grime, mud, dirt, brake dust and more. Don’t worry if some of the product gets on your tires as Wowo’s Clean Wheels is even safe for your rubber.

Highly dilutable, Wowo’s Clean Wheels is able to be diluted to fit different needs. For example, use 10:1 for a foaming pump sprayer, 5:1 for light cleaning or 3:1 for heaving cleaning. As always, be sure to use a test spot for before cleaning the entire wheel.

Wowo’s Clean Wheels is a non-acidic cleaner, making it safe for all types of wheels. It is also extremely easy-to-use, so you don’t have to be on your hands and knees for too long. Coming in the handiness of a spray bottle, just liberally spray your wheel, careful not to let it dry on the surface. Then agitate the wheel with a cleaning brush or mitt before hosing off to remove the grime. That’s all you need for shiny wheels!

*Check for compatibility on chrome or unlacquered aluminum*
-Spray liberally all over your wheels, but don’t allow product to dry on the surface.
-Agitate the wheel with a wheel cleaning brush/mitt.
-Hose off the wheel to remove the contaminants.

500 ml. (16.9 oz.)