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Ice Master Multi-Blade Ice Scraper

Four ice removal options tackle any kind of ice!

The Ice Master Multi-Blade Ice Scraper is a winter essential! Remove all kinds of frost, snow and ice from the windshield and windows with the Ice Master’s four configurations. Thick ice, rock-hard ice – it doesn’t matter. The Ice Master plows through ice and frost to get you on your way fast.

Developed in Colorado, the Ice Master is built for unforgiving winter weather. The Ice Master clears hard ice and frost and cracks thicker ice. Four blade positions allow the Ice Master to perform in the worst icy conditions. The blades lock in three different ice-scraping positions, and the ice-breaking teeth provide the fourth ice removal option.

Dual blades apart:
Clear away frost twice as fast! The two brass blades clear more surface area when used in a back and forth motion. A single pass over the glass is like two passes in effect, so you’re clearing more frost without actually doing more work. The two blades pivot when in this position, so so the optimum scraping angle is always maintained even if you're reaching across a windshield. There is built-in flexibility in the blades so even on a curved windshield you get the scraping action of the full blade.

Dual blades forward:
For the purists, the dual blades can be locked in the forward position to work as a conventional ice scraper. This configuration creates a stiffer blade for scraping heavier ice and increases the reach of the scraper.

Center blade:
The stationary center blade is highly effective on hard ice and rearview mirrors. Use it to clear hard ice after cracking it with the plastic teeth.

Ice-breaking Teeth:
Tough polycarbonate teeth on the backside of the center blade allow you to crack thicker ice so you can then clear it off the glass.

The Ice Master clears any and all ice! The brass blades are tough but nonabrasive. The brass is deburred to remove any sharp edge. The rounded brass blades will easily cut frost, but they will not scratch glass. The brass blades flex against the curves of your windows and windshield to provide the most effective nonabrasive scraping action. Yet, the Ice Master remains strong under cold temperature extremes.

The blades on the Ice Master lock in three different positions. When locked in the “blades back” stowed position, the designer left enough play in the blades that you can easily separate them while wearing gloves. The blades don’t stick together. In fact, the Ice Master is completely glove-friendly. Reposition the blades in one quick push or pull motion. The long, ergonomic handle has raised ridges for easy gripping and the rubber is lightly textured to prevent slippage with or without gloves.

The Ice Master is made of tough polycarbonate with softened brass blades and a rubberized handle. You’ll use your Ice Master month after month, winter after winter. Keep it stowed in your car door pocket.

The Ice Master comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Ice Master is the Cadillac of windshield ice scrapers! Don’t waste another morning trying to chip away heavy ice on your car. Break it and scrape it away with the Ice Master Multi-Blade Ice Scraper!

The Ice Master makes an excellent gift for anyone living in or traveling to a ice-prone climate.

Ice Master Multi-Blade Ice Scraper

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Perfect for for my needs
Great scraper
Chicago, Illinois
Built Solid, Works Great
Got this in time for first big ice freeze on the windshield and it worked great. It feels solid and heavy but is well balanced. I wasn't convinced the double-sided scrapers would work, thinking the back edge would lift up but it stayed firmly on the glass in both directions and worked as promised. Great product.
ProsWorks in both directions, heavy and solidly built, brass does the best job of breaking up ice without scratching the glass.
ConsBecause brass is a soft metal, it does bend easily so you have to be careful not to throw it around in the back of the car. Mine did bend a little but it was easy to bend back flat
Woodbridge, NJ
The best scraper I've owned.
It's everything they said it was. Made to last for years.
UP-STROKE AND BACK-STROKE (you just started)
If you have heavy ice, you drop down to the heavy duty ice buster (which I have not used yet, Jan. thaw) and then we get to the brass blade. After using the plastic you'll think you died and went to heaven. The brass takes you right down to the glass. Don't worry about scratching it won't happen unless your really trying. This is my second brass blade and it's never happened. I wouldn't let the kids scrape the hood and doors. When your scraping your ass off at 10 below with a 20 mph. wind you will be more than happy with the brass.
Prossee above
ConsIt may take a while to get all the blades in the position you want. so what else is new.
Richfield Springs, NY
It does not get any better than this.
I used a single blade metal blade scraper than years this product works. It's a must have scraper.
Every vehicle in snow country needs to have one in it.
ProsMakes it easy to clean mirrors from ice and snow.