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Wax Shop Deep Reflections Liquid Carnauba Wax

The gloss of a wax and the protection of a sealant!

Wax Shop Deep Reflections bridges the best of both of the world of last step protection products. The Brazilian carnauba wax Wax Shop Deep Reflections contains provides a rich, warm gloss. While Wax Shop Deep Reflections’ synthetic polymers form a strong bond that will blanket your paint with long-lasting protection! There is no need to compromise on your protection product, simply use Wax Shop Deep Reflections.

We all know how difficult the decision of which protectant to use can be. We always here how the traditional carnauba wax will give you the best possible look, but you’ll have to re-apply it every month or so. On the other side of the same coin, sealants will give you longer protection, but the look they provide is just a bit too glassy. That is why The Wax Shop set out to pull the best characteristics from both of these areas and make the best finishing product possible. Thus, Wax Shop Deep Reflections was created.

Wax Shop Deep Reflections contains a combination of Brazilian carnauba wax AND synthetic polymers. This hybrid formula results in exactly what you would expect, a brilliant gloss and shine AND fantastic, long-lasting protection.
Wax Shop Deep Reflections Liquid Carnauba Wax provides a warm gloss with an easy application!

Unlike traditional carnauba waxes, Wax Shop Deep Reflections will last much longer. Instead of only receiving maybe 1-2 month of protection, your paint will be coated in durable and effective protection for half a year! And there is no trade-off in the level of shine you get either! Wax Shop Deep Reflections applies the same shine, and sometimes an even better shine, to your paint than any traditional wax!

When it comes to protecting your paint, there is no point and no need in compromising in any regards. Get the best of both worlds with Wax Shop Deep Reflections!

Hand application: Shake well. Can be applied by hand or machine. By hand: Apply with a foam applicator to one section at a time. Let dry to a light haze and remove with a folded microfiber towel.

Machine Application: Apply 3 to 4 dime size drops to foam pad, spread with machine off to a 2 ft. X 2 ft. paint panel. Apply at low speed until uniform. Let dry to a light haze and remove with folded microfiber towel.

16 oz.

Wax Shop Deep Reflections Liquid Carnauba Wax

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Munith, MI
Good Product
I was able to try out this product on an 89 mustang and it really brought the paint to life. It was very easy to apply with my DA buffer and it came off easily as well. This seems like a great product for both the weekend warrior and the professional detailer. It left the paint with a deep radiant shine and I look forward to using it on different types and colors of paint to see what results it can produce.
ProsEasy to apply and Remove, Great shine
Findlay , Ohio
A.C. Deep reflections
We had the opportunity of testing these products for autogeek. The wax shop is a easy to use product either professionals or Weekend Warriors. We highly recommend the wax shops deep Reflections liquid carnauba wax for anybody who wants a deep rich glass-like finish to protect their vehicle. After applying these products to about 15 cars we realized the ease of use the long working time the good fragrance, and the rich finish we received, and I'm pretty much any color. We don't use many waxes anymore due to the fact that they don't last as long as paint sealants but this product seems to have a very good hydrophobic property to it which allows it to last a little bit longer in the rain and the Sun. We are from Ohio so our weather swings drastically from one extreme to another and the product seems to hold up very well not only on our personal cars but boats and dealership vehicles.
ProsRelatively cheap for the size of the Long working time Easy to apply and remove Perfect for the last two finishing pads from Lake Country SCC smart pads Works well on a forced rotation polisher like the flex 3401 or a long throw polisher like the griot g21 Leaves a deep finish on the surface of each vehicle with very little residue Works hand in hand with the product slick stuff from the wax shop.
ConsDoesn't last as long as paint sealants but leaves a very deep glossy finish.
Easy to use wax
I found this a very easy to use wax. I did the whole car before removing(outside no sun)and it came off easily. You can use this as a wipe on wipe off wax also according to Wax Shop. It left a nice carnauba like shine and nice reflections. It should have good longevity because it smells just like a sealant and there was very good beading after a rain. Solid choice for a good wax.
ProsEasy to use Nice beading
ConsNone works great