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Wax Shop Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant

Wax Shop Slick & Slide Clay LubricantGreatly reduces marring during claying!

Wax Shop Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant is essential to making sure that you are able to properly decontaminate your paint without marring it to shreds in the process. Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant contains lubricants that will create a friction-reducing layer between your paint surface and your clay bar/mitt. With a higher-than-average lubricant content, Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant extends your working time and allows you to ensure that you are able to remove a great amount of contaminants in a shorter amount of time.

Every detailer worth their salts knows that the key to a high gloss finish is to make your paint surface as smooth as possible. Contaminants are the main reason that this simple concept is made so much more difficult than it seems on the surface. These minuscule shards and particles work there way into the surface of your paint and cause millions of minute bumps and pits that prevent your paint surface from being smooth. The only way to effectively remove these contaminants is to sheer them off the surface using a clay bar. However, clay bars are an abrasive product and will mar the surface of your paint if given the chance. This is why it is an absolute necessity to use a clay lubricant like Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant to ensure your paint is safe!

Because clay bars mar your paint due to their abrasive nature, the only way to prevent this marring is to reduce the amount of friction that is generated while you use it. Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant does just this by creating a protective barrier that will lubricate the surface between your clay bar and your paint. With this barrier in place, the friction generated during the claying process is greatly reduced. Without friction, there is a much lower risk of marring occurring during the claying process!

Even if your clay lubricant does a great job of reducing the friction, if it dries to quickly, you may not realize it and end up marring your paint anyway. This is why Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant was designed with a formula to focuses on increasing the working time of the product as much as possible!

Wash and dry your vehicle prior to claying your paint. During the claying process, you should work in 2’ x 2’ sections. Liberally mist Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant onto the surface of your paint. Using an ultra-fine clay bar, glide the clay gently across your paint to remove contaminants. Make sure that the painted surface remains lubricated by reapplying Slick & Slide Clay Lubricant when necessary. Once you are done claying, wipe the surface dry with a clean microfiber towel.

16 oz.