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Wax Shop Clay Bar

Wax Shop Clay BarRestore your paint to a smooth glassy gloss!

The Wax Shop Clay Bar gives you the ideal tool to finally remove the layers of caked-on contamination that gathers and collects on your paint during everyday use. Removing these contaminates with the Wax Shop Clay Bar will restore your paint to the smooth and even surface that is needed to achieve the high-shine surface we all crave!

As many of you undoubtedly know, the outside world is full of dangerous and harmful hazards and particles that will collect on your paint surface. These particles will work their way into your clearcoat and embed themselves there, creating a textured and rough surface. They will then go to work, slowly but surely, corroding your clear-coat and paint until all you are left with is a lusterless and damaged paint surface. You need to stop that contamination with the Wax Shop Clay Bar, before it is too far gone!

The Wax Shop Clay Bar is designed to be simultaneously sticky and abrasive to effectively remove all types of contamination from your paint. The industrial fallout that is similar to microscopic shards of metal is caught in the sticky surface of the clay and pulled from your paint. While the stubborn tree sap that is simple stuck onto the surface of your paint is ground down by the abrasive quality of the Wax Shop Clay Bar until it is completely removed from the surface.

The textured surface that these contaminants create reflects light in an uneven and random pattern. Considering that glossy is essentially just evenly reflected light, having that light reflected unevenly mean that your paint appears dull. The best way to restore the gloss your paint used to have is to use the Wax Shop Clay Bar to effectively rid your paint of these gloss stealing contaminants!

Only use the Wax Shop Clay Bar with proper lubrication, like Wax Shop Slick & Slide. Wax Shop Clay Bar should also only be used on clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

1. Knead and mold the Wax Shop Clay Bar into a flat pancake-like shape.
2. Spray a small section of your paint with ample amounts of clay lubricant.
3. Place the Wax Shop Clay Bar into the palm of your hand and rub it across the surface of the lubricated section until you no longer feel any pulling and the clay glides smoothly across the surface.
4. Use a microfiber towel to dry the surface.
5. Inspect the section to ensure all contamination has been removed.
6. Repeat until all of the painted surface is decontaminated.

4 oz. bar


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