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Ultima Autospa Car Wash & Maintain Kit

  • An amazing car wash experience with suds that won't quit before the car is clean
  • Light fresh and clean fragrance
  • Spray and wipe to safely remove light dust, pollen, water spots, finger prints, insects and bird droppings
The Ultima Autospa Wash & Maintain Kit has what it takes to safely wash and easily maintain your Ultima-protected finish.

Ultima Paint Guard Wash will exceed your expectations with thick, luxurious suds that last through the entire car wash. Ultima Paint Guard Wash is free-rinsing and never leaves a film. Your car emerges with a brilliant Ultima shine that's ready for the week ahead.

The Genuine Wool Wash Mitt is an ultra plush mitt with a deep pile to hold an abundance of luxurious suds to safely wash away the dirt and grime without scratching your car's precious finish.

Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towels offer a piqué waffle weave fabric that has symmetrical pattern, which creates larger absorption cups. Microfiber waffle weaving is the best drying method for your car because it is capable of absorbing more water than any other microfiber towel. The lightweight fabric of the Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towel makes for the perfect combination of water holding capacity and spot-free car drying. The microfiber silk edging makes the towel 100% scratch-free.

Ultima Detail Spray Plus is a mist-and-wipe spray detailer that offers an easy solution to regular car appearance care. Use Ultima Detail Spray Plus everywhere to lightly clean, dust and shine. Use daily on paint, glass, plastic and wheels to maintain a "just detailed" appearance.

The Ultima Autospa Microfiber Buffing Towel is a dual-purpose detailing towel designed for both polishing and buffing. Side one has a short, tight nap for cleaning and polishing, while side two has a thick, fluffy nap for buffing. Ultima Autospa Buffing Towels are large, measuring a full 16 inches wide and 24 inches long. The towel is the perfect companion to the Ultima Detail Spray Plus.

Helps Prevent:

  • Water spots and streaks
  • Environmental paint damage
  • Dust build up on paint
  • Daily grime from showing your shine

    Kit Contents:
    • Ultima Paint Guard Wash (22 oz.)
    • Genuine Wool Wash Mitt
    • Sonus Der Wunder Microfiber Drying Towel (one 24" x 30" towel)
    • Ultima Detail Spray Plus (22 oz.)
    • Ultima Autospa Microfiber Buffing Towel (one 16" x 24" premium towel)
  • Ultima Autospa Car Wash & Maintain Kit

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    Ultima Autospa Car Wash & Maintain Kit